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I just watched the entire week in one sitting and thought it was pretty good. I didn't fast forward anyone or anything. That's not to say that I loved everything, but I watched it.

Here's what I didn't love: Jennifer's big ultimatum. She and Daniel had actually had a decent scene just prior, and then she told Daniel he should have no contact with Chloe. It wasn't reasonable. Yes, Chloe's playing games. Yes, she's wrong. But that's not the answer, and it doesn't come across well for Jennifer to make such a demand.

Boy, have I enjoyed chandler massey's work this week. He's usually very good, IMO, but he put a lot of emotion out there this week.

It was nice to see Lucas. I like his disapproval of Daniel. It's reasonable for him to feel that way about Daniel given their history. Add to that the fact that he's Jennifer's brother, and it works. I also liked his calling out Sami, but then still supporting her.

I like Maxine. She brought a toughness to her role, but it was tempered with kindness, too. I loved the way she hauled nick out of gabi's room. I'd like them to give her more to do. I'd like them to give Kayla more to do too. She's Will's aunt, and Sami's, so a personal word from her to one of them would have been appropriate. They played the professional beats well with her, but could have added a personal one as well.

I like Will and Sonny. I don't mind Rafe and Kate. I thought John was remarkably cold in his conversation with Marlena. I may not always like what nick is doing, but I think Blake Berris does a good job.

All in all, a good week.
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