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(The interview started with just James, and Casey joined a few minutes in)

How are you?
James: Iím tired. Itís not that Iím not excited. Itís been a long, long day.

Well, tell us what EJ has coming up.
James: My goodness. Whatís airing at the moment. Weíre four months ahead. Itís very confusing. Iím excited about whatís coming up. The stuff that I have with Alison Sweeney is wonderful. Iím really enjoying that. And I feel like that the stories that Iím about to go and tape...Iíll tell you what I love. The number one reason that I love them is that Sami is back to being trouble. You know what I mean? Remember when Sami was just a hot mess of trouble? Okay. Sheís back.

What do you think about the way EJís being written right now?
James: I donít...I have to say, you know...itís sort of a hard question to answer. Without commenting on how my character is written letís just say, I definitely enjoy when heís not...thereís have been times when heís been much more self-assured and powerful. And grounded. And I think thatís always when heís the strongest. I feel like every time he tries to change for love or become someone heís not, he fails. I loved him when he was charming and nasty.

James: Yes. Heíd be really nice to you one minute, and then heíd cut your throat the next. Thatís when I liked him best.

Casey: Sorry, ladies. How are you? 

James; Marvelous, marvelous. Weíre just having a chat about me. We can talk about you later.

Casey: I want to talk about you. Letís talk about him.

So is that going to change any time soon?
James: God, I hope so.

You know some fans are calling him something different now.
James: What do you call him?

When heís being sort of sweet and schmoopy and kind of clicking his heels in Horton Town Square, some call him Everett.
James: Everett? Yes. Iíd love to see less of him. I feel that he should be that, but hereís the thing. The character should be loving and sweet with Samantha and he should be...thereís a scene coming up. Whatís airing at the moment? They have some stuff coming up with EJ and Sami where they are in bed trying to figure out how to deal with a problem, and thatís a big turning point in the relationship. I like him when heís not being Everett.

Casey, how are you?

Casey: Iím good. Just hanging out. I donít think Iíve slept in about 48 hours.

What does Chad have coming up?
James: Well, the big thing is heís just coming out.

Casey: That is true.

James: With me.

Casey: With EJ. EJ and Chad both decide to come out.

James: Itís an illicit and dangerous love affair. They knew it was wrong but it felt so right.

Casey: I think at first it starts off when you walk in on Chad in the shower.

James: Thatís exactly what happened.

Casey: You know, in all seriousness I really donít know anything.

Well, what have you been doing the last few months?
Casey: I feel like Iíve been in the damn coffee shop. Literally, every single scene is in the coffee shop.

James: Heís been making a lot of coffee.

Thatís probably why you havenít been sleeping.
Casey: Probably. Thereís this triangle going on with Cameron and Abigail. Thatís just round and circles, round and circles.

Itís going to keep going around in circles?
Casey: Pretty much. I know itís not that exciting, but I hope the performances make it exciting.

Will you be living in the mansion?
James: Itís coming.

Casey: I donít know. I donít even know where I live.

James: Youíre in the mansion. Stefano asks you to come live in the mansion. I ask you. Kristen asks you. We all ask you! ALl of us! Remember, we have those big shows where all of us asks you over and over again. Iím just kidding.

Casey: I was gonna say. I donít think so. Iíve had a couple of scenes with Stefano. I havenít been working much lately. Iím kind of on the backburner.

What about you [James]?

James: Iím warm. I was on the simmering plate for the last part of last year. I have very wonderful stuff with Alison.

How much trouble is it to cover your tattoos?
James: You should ask Glen. He covers them. Heís around here somewhere.

Casey: Yeah, he covers mine too.

How long does it take?
James: An hour. I think they can get it done in less than that on occasion, but generally itís an hour.

Anything else we might be interested in hearing today?
James: I think that what Iíve been working on in the last couple of months, and whatís coming up is just great soap opera. Itís really good. Itís grounded, but itís fun. If I was watching the show, itís a show that I would watch. If you read the scripts you get a good idea of how itís gonna play. It always amazes me when the ratings come in on a Thursday and the people who run the show are like ďOh my goodness. We canít believe the ratings arenít good,Ē or ďthe ratings are amazing. How did that happen?Ē Read the scripts. Because you know. You read the scripts, you know how good it is. My point is this. Iím reading shows now, and have been reading shows for the last couple of months that are just good. Theyíre fun. They donít take themselves too seriously. They deal well with really compelling stuff. Theyíre well written, well constructed. Theyíre just good. I hope I donít regret saying this, but itís the best stuff that Iíve read in a good couple of years. Easily.
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