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Ok, great interview!!! You may have accidentally missed one fuck, Lysie. Either that or you left it in just for Soapy's benefit. Anyway, those two are all sorts of cute together and I loved how candidly they spoke with you. Seriously, they are loose and funny in this interview - such a rare thing! Yay to JS loving the Ejami stuff coming up and yay to Sami being a hot mess! I wish CD wasn't so back burner as I've really started enjoying Chabby over the last couple of months. LOL at his pop that cherry comment. Oh and I love this quote from JS...

The character should be loving and sweet with Samantha and he should be...there's a scene coming up. What's airing at the moment? They have some stuff coming up with EJ and Sami where they are in bed trying to figure out how to deal with a problem, and that's a big turning point in the relationship. I like him when he's not being Everett.

It's EXACTLY what Matt was saying on Friday. EJ should be Everett with Sami because that's his girl, but EJ with everyone else. Look like with Ejami plotting against Nick, we're about to get just that. Love it.
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