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Whatís coming up for your characters?
Peggy: I donít know. Well, Iím dealing with...my story is that my character has Alzheimerís. And itís important to deal with it because all of America is dealing with it. They had a very laid back scene where I went ďWell, if I lose my memory of today, Iíll just be happy.Ē And I said that that was terrible. Youíve got to put something in about how medical people are researching and thereís hope. You canít tell the public something like that. I think weíre dealing with something that reaches the people in this country, and I hope weíre some help.

John: Well, Victor is sort of dealing with domestic situations.

He has a lot of people living in his house.
J: He does a little house cleaning. He does a little of this, a little of that.

Weíve heard Brady is moving out.
John: I invited him to move back in the other day. Thatís all I know.

Caroline is about to have her first great-great grandchild.
Peggy: And whoís going to have it?

Gabi and Will.
Peggy: I thought it was me. Iím everybodyís mother and grandmother. Itís goes on and on.

Will you be involved in that story?
Peggy: I sure hope so.

You had a scene with Will recently.
Peggy: Yes, that was a nice scene. Weíre way ahead.

John: Ridiculously.
Peggy: We were much further ahead at one point. I came out of my dressing room and I saw Santa Claus. I had like a heart attack. I need to get presents.

John: The other day I said, ďShouldnít I have a coat on?Ē And they said, ďItís May.Ē

Victor has a lot of funny lines, but he also seems to stick to the misogynistic lines a lot. What are your thoughts on that?
John: Victorís not a misogynist at all. He just has a very low tolerance for stupid women.

Peggy: You? No, heís not

John: Victorís very charming. Heís charming to you, isnít he?

Peggy: Oh, well. You were my love.

John: You see? Itís just the Chloes and the Nicoles of the world that rub him the wrong way.

What are some of your favorite scenes or storylines?
John: One of the toughest jobs in the world is writing one of these things. 

Peggy: Yes

John: I mean, I donít envy these writers at all. Seventy pages a day, 52 weeks a year. It ainít easy. So if you get one good scene a month, youíve really got some good writers. So it all depends on the scene.

Peggy: My favorite part was when he [Victor] came back into Salem, and all that let loose about Bo. It was very dramatic. Heavy stuff. And romantic. And that was kind of wonderful.

John: Yeah, it was good stuff.

Peggy: We had a good time doing that.

Do any scenes or stories stand out that you didnít like?
Peggy: I guess I forgot them.

John: The ones where you talk too much and the ones where you talk too little.

A lot of our members complained about the scene when Victor was peeling potatoes.
Peggy: Peeling potatoes

John: I actually peeled them?

Peggy: Doesnít sound like him.

I honestly donít remember if they showed him doing it or just referenced that thatís what he was doing.
John: Iím sure they didnít show it. I wouldnít put up with that.

What would you like to see happen for your characters?
John: Oh, I donít know. It doesnít really matter as long as itís well-written.

Peggy: I like to be there. I like to be involved. I think it would be interesting to have another romance. Iím not ten! I say that to Sami. ďYouíre hiding facts from me? Iím forgetful. Iím not fragile.Ē Why not? I donít think itís inappropriate, and I think it would be something interesting to the older audience. Well, heís married now.

John: Well, IĒm not a fanatic about it.

Peggy: Okay.

John: Unfortunately, I think I am.

Is there anyone else on the show youíd like to work with more?
John: Well, for me the most fun...well, we have scenes together. Our scenes are wonderful, because weíve worked together so long.

Peggy: We really know each other.

John: Theyíre still not as much fun as when I tear the bitch apart.
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