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What do you two have coming up?
Shawn: A lot that I canít talk about.

Is there anything you can talk about?
Kate: How much he loves working with me.

Shawn: I love working with Kate Mansi. I actually do. This girl does her homework. She really does her homework.

Weíve heard before that you try to research the histories.
Kate: Yeah, I think itís important to know where you came from, and if you canít find it you just kind of make it up for yourself. Then someone tweets you and texts, and you realize that wasnít correct. Like I found out I was a virgin a couple of months ago, and I was like ďSurprise!Ē

Is that still going to be a story in May?
Kate: Well. I think you should watch. No, itís still um. Itís a really exciting storyline, and thereís sort of an interesting triangle happening. If you watch, youíll see.

Shawn: She is not having sexual relations with anyone that I can express at this moment in time.

Kate: That is true. Thatís what we told my mom.

Shawn: Momís not here.

What do you think about this new story with Parker?
Shawn: I think itís fantastic. Itís quite a human quandary when you have a baby mama and a child you didnít even know was yours, and itís someone you actually really loved. It wasnít a one night stand. I was in love with this woman and ready to marry her. But heís moved forward with his life with Jennifer and is completely committed, and is trying to be a better person. Jennifer makes him a better person, and heís given the ultimatum to kind of juggle that. He canít have one without the other. Itís a very difficult challenge. I enjoy it. I love Parker. This kid listens like no one Iíve ever worked with.

Kate: Heís the sweetest thing.

Shawn: Itís just ďActionĒ and weíre off with the scene. Itís like weíre playing make believe.

Could you tell someone that heís too big for that playpen?
Shawn: We did. We had this conversation. Itís not appropriate for the kid, and I think they figured that out. But that kidís so chill.

Kate: Heís more of a professional than we are.

Shawn: Yeah, he just goes to work. The play pen has now been dismissed. It was in the script before they cast the baby. There are conversations about his age, and Iím like, ďI donít know if heís two.Ē I think there was something almost iconic about two parents looking at their child in a play pen. ďIconicĒ is kind of a big word. Thereís something precious about that image, and I think thatís what was trying to be portrayed.

What are your favorite scenes or storylines?
Kate: I think Iíve had a lot of great storylines. My favorite part of Days is working with Missy Reeves because sheís just such a terrific woman and mother and friend and mentor. Sheís just so great. I had my first scene with Missy and Shawn, and I was supposed to hug Shawn. So I just went into this big hug, and they were like, ďGuys, could you maybe try to have not any chemistry?Ē And I was so embarrassed. But I feel really blessed to be able to say that Iíve been working with the two of them from the beginning. Any my favorite storyline apart from that would be with Patrick and Christie. I thought that was so much fun. I got to get slapped which was exciting and scary.

Shawn: You hug Daniel like that again, Iím sure youíll get slapped. Mama will not be happy.

Kate: Thatís true.

Shawn: Itís interesting. We were trying to figure out the dynamic between Abby and Daniel. How do they relate? And we donít really know. So we just kind of act on what we creatively feel, and it makes some people uneasy. Itís really subjective. SOme people can totally see that as a stepdad type thing and other people are like Iíd keep my eyes on those two. So you get different directors who go...

Kate: Tone it down.

Shawn: Or maybe wonít sit us close. I donít know. My own personal demons probably come out.

Kate: Yeah, I think it translates because we are such good friends in real life. It makes sense to us, but people have their own ideas of how that should look. Because it could go anywhere. You never know.

Shawn: Oh my God. Can you imagine. You lost your virginity to me.

That wasnít one of the options Casey gave us earlier.
Shawn: Just getting people talking.

And whatís been your favorite?
Shawn: I did enjoy the Chloe/Philip baby storyline. When Daniel found out it wasnít his baby because he had invested so much in this woman, and he had so much faith. He was just blindly in love and would see past anything. Everyone in town knew that she had a one night stand, but me. And I couldnít even put it together. But to discover that in a church during a baptism. Hearing it from Caroline who is a pretty reliable source. Itís not like hearsay or Sami said ďblah blah blah.Ē It was just so well put together, and to actually bludgeon someone with a crucifix at your childís baptism. It had some many layers. And the woman who had the affair with my daughterís fiance was my daughterís husband.

Kate: (gasp)

Shawn: Right? Yeah.

Kate: Itís like The Godfather. Twisted all around.

Shawn: We literally go, like letís bludgeon him with the statue of the madonna and child. Itís almost appropriate. But then it would be inappropriate.

Kate: I donít think thatís appropriate at all. But okay.

Shawn: But then to do it with a crucifix and stop in the moment and realize thereís a better way to handle it. I liked that moment. It was good. I also had the question today about what have Maggie and Jennifer meant to Daniel. And Maggie has given me a sense of roots and foundation, and Jenniferís given me a sense of morality. Now he has to keep that kind of behavior in check because he wants to. He wants to be a better man, and Jennifer makes him a better man. His mother challenges him to be a better person. He makes odd choices of course, but thatís drama.

Is there anything else you can tell us about whatís coming up?
Shawn: I will have sex with...
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