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Whatís coming up for the two of you?
Eric: What is happening with your character? Miss Priest Bedder.

Arianne: Well, I turn into a nun. Wearing habits. I actually start with putting a habit on and then I canít...

Eric: I donít believe a thing sheís saying

Arianne: I canít go through with it.

Eric: Iím prepared to do a serious interview. I donít know why sheís here.

Arianne: I am the worst at teasers. Iíll give you my general teaser. First say, ďAri is the worst interviewer ever.Ē No, seriously. We are three months ahead of schedule. So Nicole is tormented about leaving, because she wants to do the right thing. Which I think is hysterical. Now? How many years later you want to do the right thing? And youíre going to leave because you canít sleep with the priest. Now? How about when you were switching babies. Come on.

Eric: IĒm trying not to interject here as Brady. Weíre discussing my brother the priest. Go ahead.

Arianne: You know, what youíll start to see is she literally is gaining her moral outlook on life. She really wants to do the right thing. Now, the good thing, and I say this because itís more fun, is that she doesnít necessarily choose the right thing.

Eric: Atta girl.

Arianne: She wants the good thing but doesnít. Itís such a challenge for her, so itís a challenge for me now. Iím having to direct this character into a direction that theyíd like to see her in, and maintain what I donít want to lose for the character because I think thatís what makes her so fun.

How do you think theyíre doing with that so far?
Arianne: Well, I think thatís a combination of what theyíre writing and the writers and producers still allowing me to be the creator and making whatever magic off the page. So far, so good. It is interesting when Iím reading the script, and Iím like, ďOh. What is this? Iím making a good choice? Is this my character?Ē

Eric: Weíve had a lot of surprises all across the board.

Arianne: Youíre absolutely right.

So whatís coming up for Brady?
E: Well, heís got a little bit of a crush on a DiMera right now, which could cause a potential problem. The interesting thing abour this is that its not necessarily youíre typical woman is seeing revenge and is going to be manipulative and use this man as a tool. It has a turn in the sense that maybe some real feelings fall into this whole idea that she had and itís going to present a big problem when it comes to fruition. Can she go through with her plan when in fact she may realize that getting revenge on this man and woman from her past may be wonderful, but perhaps falling in love and allowing yourself to be loved by another might be something better. Eileen and I were very happy the writers decided to throw that curve ball into the mix. What seemed to be kind of a typical soap story, has now turned into kind of a love story gone astray. I couldnít be happier working with her.

Arianne: Sheís fabulous.

You have some fans who really want to see the relationship between Nicole and Sydney continue. There have been a few scenes here and there that seem to hint at that.
Arianne: I feel bad, and I donít say anything because I donít know. I really, really donít know. Itís better for me not to say anything because I donít know. However, it is interesting that they just give a little taste here and there. I do wonder because there really isnít much in the scenes, but they made the scenes happen. They created the scenes. I constantly wonder why, but it is lovely that the writers still respect the relationship that is there. Now they do write a six month to a year arc which could change at any moment. They might literally have something in a year form now that we have no clue about.

Eric: Fans should be encouraged to let their voices be heard. Because if they donít think the network is listening, they couldnít be more mistaken. And thereís all sorts of outlets they can use.
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