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Viewing Single Post From: DR Interview with Shawn Christian and Kate Mansi

Feb 24 2013, 01:50 AM
Dannifer still going full steam in May. Good grief. :x
::shudder:: So much for the hope that TIIC have realized what a dud Dannifer 2.0 is and are planning to end it in the near future. They really are determined to push this lackluster pairing down the viewers' collective throat. At least SC didn't talk about how passionate and romantic this couple are--maybe that would be too hard even for him to sell.

As for Abigail's story--ye gods, could anything be more tedious than this "last virgin in Salem" crap? I don't care who pops her cherry when the two main contenders are equally boring and unappealing.
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DR Interview with Shawn Christian and Kate Mansi · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion