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What do you two have coming up?
Camila: Cray cray stuff. Iím not really allowed to say much.

I mean, youíre pregnant.
Camila: Iím going to be pregnant for a while.

Weíve seen pictures of the baby on twitter so we know thatís coming up.
Camila: The baby? Youíve seen the baby? What baby?

Galen: Well, you had to figure there was a baby.

Camila: That wasnít my baby. I went to...what is that breathing class? 

Galen: Lamaze?

Camila: I went to that class, and there was a baby there, and I was holding it. That wasnít my baby.

Galen: Youíre pregnant in real life? 

Camila: No! Anyway, a lot of stuff happens.

Galen: Obviously weíre connected because weíre brother and sister, so I have to look out for her and make sure sheís okay. And I donít know if the guy sheís with is ultimately going to pan out.

Camila: You know before we didnít really have that many scenes, so when we would work together weíd be really excited. The fans would comment on twitter. But now weíve been working together so much...

Galen: Youíre sick of me.

Camila: No. Iím not.

Galen: Awwww. Itís been great. In fact, one of the things that I love is this relationship theyíve written for this brother and sister. Obviously we have a connection that is very brother/sister like. She was wearing something kind of risque today, and I had to give her a hard time about it. She got mad at me, so thatís very normal.

Camila: I love our brother/sister relationship. I think itís so cool because when I first got on the show, I was kind of like ďAw, Iím probably not going to make any friendsĒ because itís always just awkward when youíre replacing somebody because the other actors already have a relationship with that person. But then I came in and started working with Galen and Lindsey. It was very awkward at first because we didnít know each other. Our friendship on the outside has translated into our characters and vice versa. Our brother/sister relationship on Days turned into a brother/sister relationships off camera, too. Heís getting off the plane and is texting me like, ďGet me something to eatĒ and Iím like, ďWhat do you want?!Ē Itís been awesome.

Tell us about this thing going on with Rafe and Kate.
Galen: You know, itís so funny too with that relationship with Kate because now Gabi is kind of looking out for me because she doesnít like Kate.

Camila: Remember, I (Gabi) told you that you need to get with Sami because that was the only time in your life that I ever saw you happy.

Galen: Yeah. But I was pretty miserable actually at that time.

Camila: Well, Gabi was there for the happy times.

Galen: Anyway, what I love about the relationship with Kate is that these two characters donít expect anything from each other except basically to have a good time in bed. I donít even know if they trust each other. On that level itís almost really honest. Most of the time in Daytime, especially for me, youíre this altruistic, heroic character looking to get into this long term relationship and be all meaningful. But theyíre just like, no. Weíre just going to have sex and itís cool. Whatever. Donít leave your stuff at my house, and I wonít leave mine at yours. Then obviously her relationship with Stefano DiMera. That can become complicated when he finds out potentially. So there are a lot of levels to explore with her and him. And using her potentially as an ally with the baby.

What are some of your favorite moments?
Galen: I loved the impostor storyline where I got to play the asshole. Which was like when Camila came in. You came in before that, but we didnít have a lot of scenes, and then we had a lot of scenes during that, and I thought you were going to hate me.

Camila: I love everything we do because itís all so crazy. LIke a break up - you have to smash every single plate in the room? Okay. Fine. Pregnancy - your mother in law has to scream at you to the point that you almost have a pregnancy scare? Really. Everything is just pushed to the limit. Youíre obsessing with this guy and it turns into an explosion in a tunnel and you get kidnapped. Really? Drama.

Galen: High stakes.

What are your least favorite things youíve done?
Galen: As an actor you invest a lot into this person that you sort of come to believe that your alter ego exists, and you know how that person thinks and what they do. So when the writing goes against that, and you canít find a reason as to why youíre doing this, you struggle. The fans see it, too. Especially if itís a character thatís been for a while. You know that number one, youíre having a hard time with it. Number two, the fans arenít going to like it. And number three, because of that itís probably not going to be a story that is successful.

Camila: I want to say this. I feel like when Gabi went through the whole obsessing with Chad, I feel like that was Gabi 2. They didnít really play that, but Iím going to justify that as Stefano kidnapped Gabi, and had a double for her. So really donít blame Gabi, because that was Gabi 2. Iím just saying.

Galen: Yeah. Because you would never do something like that. Not my sister. No way.

Camila: Also, I feel like when they stretch things for a very long time, because we do so many storylines in a small amount of time, it gets boring and slow. Not only for the fans to watch, but us too.

Is there anything else you can tell us?
Galen: I donít think that thereís love between Rafe and Kate. I think itís more a flingish thing.

Camila: Thereís going to be a lot of ups and downs in the custody thing. Thereís going to be some darkness. Thereís going to be some light.

Galen: Twins!

Camila: Thereís not going to be twins.

Galen: No?

Camila: No. But itís going to be fun to watch.
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