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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Not a fan of either character but this has to be the best James interview in a long time. Not surprised it came from DR.....An Everett mention and all, lmfao....I guess James doesn't like this Ej any more than anyone else does....and it's no surprise as he's said in previous interviews he prefers playing the darker character over the sunshine and rainbows one we see now....

I'm fine with Chad on the backburner....and why do I get a feeling that Abby's virginity will be given to Cameron? FAILURE...not that Chad was a better recipient...but whatever....

Oh yeah and James...we do remember when Sami was a hot mess, the minute that Ej entered the picture we slowly started losing that about her and then she completely transformed herself into heroine 101 with Rafe.....
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