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This was such a good interview. I kept thinking of that scene before the baby switch when Nicole was about to marry EJ and Brady was begging her not to go through with it. There was so much, just, yearning please let me be the one to save you in that scene. Brady is sort of a doofus, but he's one of my favorite characters just because I like EM so much. And I love Nicole because AZ just seems to be genuinely committed to her craft. Both actors seem to actually have the ability to deliver subtext in their scenes, intended by the writers or not, that add depth and a new facet to the scene and make it so much more satisfying (to me, anyway) than watching just a delivery of lines (see CB and CD for example.)

It definitely seems to me that they are leaving that door open for Sydole, and with a wedge under it to keep it from closing accidentally. That is as purely soapy a story as can be told, and they'd be stupid to not at least leave that option on the table for a few years. If Days actually stays on air long enough for the current crop of kiddies to be soras'd, I'd love to see it happen with a young teen Sydole. ( Actually, there is enough built-in angst with the pre-school set to keep them in stories for years if they get the chance to grow up. Who here doesn't want to see teenage Allie go full on rage monster on Sami for all the years of neglect?)

OH yeah, and Bristen! I have been grooving on this relationship, but to add that heartbreaking angle of whether Kristen can let go of revenge and just be loved... Aw geez. It might be nice if having Kristen around brings out the evil in Stefano again. Kristen wants to have true love with Brady but Stefano keeps taunting and threatening her to go through with the revenge. Could we just? C'mon, pleeeeeease???
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