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Feb 24 2013, 11:33 AM
Feb 24 2013, 09:43 AM
Another great interview. They seem so relaxed with each other and their friendship comes across in this interview. I get the feeling that Galen was referring to the whole Rafe / Carrie thing in his one response about knowing something is out of character and that it won't work ... I could be wrong ... just my impression. Really enjoyed reading Camilla's take on things.

I love this interview!

I agree with you, GG was most likely talking about Carrie and Rafe. I heard him in person say he didn't like that s/l because he knew we wouldn't like and it was so out of character for Rafe. As well know, Rafe would never do such a thing!

The interview was a little confusing about the baby. I am anxious to see where it goes next.

Rafe's stories alway interest me. I'm not a Kate with Rafe fan but as long as it keeps him out front, I'm on board!
Well he was right. Rafe lost a lot of appeal with that story and came across skeevy. I don't think this romp with Kate is doing his character any favors either.

I have the distinct feeling that the writers don't know how to write for the 'heroic' man anymore. Those great stories with John, Bo, old Roman and Steve at the helm would never even be considered today. The show doesn't seem to give thought to character worth. The good men of Salem have all but disappeared with careless treatment. Look at how John has been belittled in a similar manner with his treatment of Marlena. So, I'm not surprised this is all they have to offer Rafe.

The friendship between Camilla and Galen came across so nicely in this interview. I do enjoy the brother/sister writing for them. I thought the scenes at the abortion clinic, though short, were incredibly touching. I'm looking forward to Rafe catching on to crazy Nick and seeing where that part of the story goes.
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