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I can't tell if SC is a nice guy in real life or not because he always comes across as so skeevy. He just makes me feel a little uncomfortable. All that inappropriate affection he used to have with Melanie/MB seems to have been transferred onto little virgin Abigail and intended or not, it's just so wrong. And not the good kind of wrong, either. Yuck.

For some reason, that line about two parents looking at their child in a play pen just made me picture Daniel and Chloe gazing upon sleeping Parker curled up on a blanket in a wire kennel with a squeaky toy and a tug rope. Maybe with a bowl of kibble and a water bottle strapped to the side to complete the image. They are not convincing parents to me, and I hope that after this storyline is over Parker is permanently banished to daycare or Grandma Maggie's.
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