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Feb 24 2013, 12:53 AM
Monday ("Rushing the Wedding")
Nick suggests to Gabi that they get married sooner than planned; Rafe and Kate get intimate.

Tuesday ("Questions")
Kate wants to know how Rafe feels about their relationship; Nick confides in Gabi about his time in jail.

Wednesday ("Getting Rid of Nick")
Vargas vows to get revenge on Nick; Nicole realizes that Chloe is using her.

Thursday ("Moving In")
Brady tells Victor and Maggie about his new living arrangements; Nancy arrives in Salem determined to help her daughter win Daniel's heart.

Friday ("Stefano Returns")
Stefano returns home; Nancy causes problems for Daniel and Jennifer; Chloe takes advantage of an intoxicated Daniel.

I am not seeing much to like about this show.

I now wish they had not brought Chloe back and I have no interest in her mum coming back on the show to help her scheme to get a man who is not interested in her. Although I find it unbelievable that he is not even shown tempted by Chloe, who is not only beautiful but a sexy woman. To me it is just demeaning to the character to have to take advantage of Dan when he is drunk because she was not getting any headway when he is sober.

I hate the fact that they are destroying another Nicole relationship, her friendship with Chloe. Now they have Chloe using her. They seem to like to destroy anything that is good, especially when it comes to Nicole.

I hate the idea of Eric being a priest, especially if they want something to happen between him and Nicole. It is not much that he can do, so I guess all the fantasising will be left to Nicole. I also hate the fact that she is the one saying that she loves him first. We just had her going on about loving Daniel when he had no interest in her.

I also cannot believe that they will have Brady moving into the Dimera Mansion. What good reason could they possible have for him moving in with Stefano, because he is in love. They really have taken away his brains.

There is really not much, I am liking about the show. I am not really enjoying any of the stories. I enjoy some performances, but the stories are not really good, or seem to be going anywhere. It's just seems like plots on top of plots and, they have turned many into brainless idiots in order to tell them. Chloe is there to cause trouble for Dannifer but not to win out in the end, but in the meanwhile they just have her going from one devious scheme to the next. Personally, I would have rathered a story where Daniel ended it with Jennifer simply because they are so painfully boring as a pairing, and Daniel was the one chasing Chloe, and Chloe giving him an extremely hard time of it.

I hate the way they are writing most of the females on the show and most of the men are not fairing much better. I am definatley not a fan of TomSell's writing or should I say, Ideas.
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