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Lady Evol
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Feb 24 2013, 10:01 AM
I guess she was trying to be funny but that was all Gabi who is to blame for part of what happened to Mel. I really hope that's not blown under the rug. It's important to the custody battle.
I think she was pointing out that that was REALLY out of character and she would rather believe she had an alter ego like the fake Rafe.

Gabi is naive and innocent and a little dumb, and the whole Andrew thing WAS out of character. She's just not a schemer.

Besides that, I don't think she's responsible for that Melanie crap. She asked a guy to pretend to stalk her. He went off his nut, kidnapped Mel, and created evidence to make her look complicit. It's a natural reaction in that situation to assume that the guy is a little off but not bat shit crazy, so it makes sense she'd try to talk him out of it herself rather than go to the cops, who would never believe she wasn't a part of the whole thing.

It would be like if I had a problem with a restaurant owner and asked a guy to smear it with a bunch of fake reviews on Yelp, and he burned the place down. At some point personal accountability comes in.

Oops! I forgot to say- I loved this interview!!! So refreshing to read some criticisms, especially when they line up with what viewers feel. The actors get it, even if the writers don't!
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