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I just want to say my piece about Marlena and Roman:

Nothing against Josh Taylor, but Roman Brady for me will always be Wayne Northrop. I guess it's just a matter of preference. But more than the actor, I actually hate what the writers over the years have bastardized Roman Brady's character. Looking back during the John and Marlena affair, while I wanted to pull my hair out because of Roman's stubborn-ness, pride despite Marlena begging him to give him a second chance, I didn't hate it, simply because that was expected of Roman, and that was how I knew Roman Brady to me all these years (back from when he was married to Anna, then meeting Marlena, and so on...). I didn't have a problem because it was within his character to be angry, stubborn and having too much pride to give the marriage a second chance.

The main problem for me started when Kristen and Stefano brought Roman back "from the dead" to stall John and Marlena's wedding. Again, it's not Josh Taylor's fault that it was a mis-cast, BUT...all that whining, writing the letter giving his blessing to John and Marlena, coming back sick, and openly pining for Marlena when he found out that John and Marlena are a "non-item". Come on. Where was Roman's "pride" in all these? Knowing the Roman from way back, it as big enough for him to write that letter; knowing how he left, he would have come back to Salem if only for his children, not because he wanted to re-kindle something with Marlena.

Fast-forward to all those painful story-lines of John-Gina, Melaswen, etc. These story-lines have made very clear what Roman's role is in this show. While he had a brief relationship with Kate (which was refreshing, btw), it is very clear that he will always be "in the radar" for Marlena, waiting for John to screw up and then have the opportunity to swoop in and make something out of it. Seriously, Marlena wouldn't have had sex with Roman back in Melaswen and even get pregnant with his baby. Just, no. That was a serious offense coming from the writers.

Sorry for the long rant, but it's a definitely exasperating just to even think about how the current writers MAY plan to recycle this path again. Enough is enough. Just make Roman move on, or lose him.
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