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Feb 25 2013, 02:50 AM
They sound like they aren't so happy about their storylines and I've long since realised that for every glee these actors seem to show over scripts, the opposite applies. JS is not happy with what they've done to the character of EJ Dimera. I don't blame him. He's gone from dynamic to plain boring in a year and it looks like it's getting worse. All he ever does is hold Sami's hand while she plays the same bull in a china shop character. There's no growth to speak of and I'm not talking about making him good or less grey or villain. The man does NOTHING! What a disappoint for all that potential to be squandered in such a pathetic way.
And I got the complete opposite vibe.

And the ones there said it was the most enthusiastic they had ever seen him.

I will give you it sounds like CD isn't too thrilled at the moment.
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