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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Feb 25 2013, 02:30 PM
Feb 25 2013, 12:09 PM
Feb 25 2013, 02:50 AM
They sound like they aren't so happy about their storylines and I've long since realised that for every glee these actors seem to show over scripts, the opposite applies. JS is not happy with what they've done to the character of EJ Dimera. I don't blame him. He's gone from dynamic to plain boring in a year and it looks like it's getting worse. All he ever does is hold Sami's hand while she plays the same bull in a china shop character. There's no growth to speak of and I'm not talking about making him good or less grey or villain. The man does NOTHING! What a disappoint for all that potential to be squandered in such a pathetic way.
I agree on CD, but I don't get how these comments from JS can be interpreted as him being unhappy with his storyline...

"Iím excited about whatís coming up. The stuff that I have with Alison Sweeney is wonderful. Iím really enjoying that. And I feel like that the stories that Iím about to go and tape...Iíll tell you what I love. The number one reason that I love them is that Sami is back to being trouble. You know what I mean? Remember when Sami was just a hot mess of trouble? Okay. Sheís back."

"I have very wonderful stuff with Alison."

"I think that what Iíve been working on in the last couple of months, and whatís coming up is just great soap opera. Itís really good. Itís grounded, but itís fun. If I was watching the show, itís a show that I would watch."

"Iím reading shows now, and have been reading shows for the last couple of months that are just good. Theyíre fun. They donít take themselves too seriously. They deal well with really compelling stuff. Theyíre well written, well constructed. Theyíre just good. I hope I donít regret saying this, but itís the best stuff that Iíve read in a good couple of years. Easily."

He sounds excited to me.
I don't get the feeling that he hates what he's doing now, just that he would like Ej to go back to being a bit more on the dark side and that's consistent with what he's said about how much he prefers playing the darker side of the character.

Given what KA, DH, LK and others have said, frankly all these actors have always gushed so much about their scripts and stuff that you'd think they were all getting Emmy worthy material constantly. Nowadays, I tend to disregard what they say the majority of the time anyway as what they like might not always be what I like....
Yeah - it's generally a pretty good bet that depending on the actor, if they are gushing about what they are doing I'm generally not going to be as thrilled as they are. And it has nothing to do with who I ship or don't ship - I have some pretty bitter memories of KA and PR pimping the hell out of what ended up being the summer of 2011 as they were filming it - and it was gawd awful, IMO.
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