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By Michael Fairman

February 25th, 2013 |
The Steve Burton Interview – The Young and the Restless


Steve, let’s go back and talk about your exit from General Hospital first. Did you have a hand in how Jason was written off the canvas? Or, did you say, “I don’t care how you are going to do it?”


No, I did not have a hand it. Unbeknownst to every one at the time, there was a period of time where GH and my managers were talking about a fly-in deal. For whatever reasons that did not work out: scheduling wise, time wise, and it was just going on a little too long. So we said, “If it doesn’t work it’s fine, but I am out of here, and it’s OK.” I guess we were at the time also in a second situation, which was people thinking I was never going to leave General Hospital, which I can’t fault them for, because I could see how at times they could think I was the “boy who cried wolf”. It was, “Well he said he was leaving California, and he is selling his house there, but maybe he is not?” But, I was ready to go, and GH just wasn’t jumping on the idea of having me fly in from Nashville. So at that point it was just important to figure out, what is my real end date? And it came down to that. It’s nothing that I chose; it’s what they did. I don’t know if they did it thinking I would be coming back, or, always have that idea out there that, “Well maybe he will come back for a month or two down the road.” I do not fault GH at all. I joke about that I was, “shot and kicked in the water like a dirty dog.” (Laughs) My last tape day was coming up quick, and they had written so far ahead. Story wise, I know Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) and Ron Carlivati (head writer, GH) did what they were capable of doing at the time, considering that my end date was coming up so fast. I am sure if they knew ahead that I was leaving for sure in two months, I am sure they would have had a great send-off for Jason.

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