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Streetcorner Philosopher

Feb 25 2013, 08:38 AM
And Oooooo Nooooz a boob song objectifies women! In the same year as Magic Mike .... :eyeroll:
I thought it was pretty clear that in the boob song the women's reactions were all scripted- they were in on it- and if they weren't bothered I'm not bothered (I probably wouldn't be bothered anyway). But I also thought it wasn't all that funny. Too many years watching Family Guy, maybe.

And ITA they should find someone who doesn't laugh at their own jokes so much.

It hit me this morning that they celebrated musicals of the past decade with musicals that are all from the 70s/80s instead of something that was maybe more...now.

With the Bond tribute- did anyone else feel like they used clips from the same few movies? I'd swear Halle Berry was in that montage like 9 times.
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