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The Scorpion
Feb 25 2013, 05:54 PM
Feb 25 2013, 05:06 PM
Feb 25 2013, 04:31 PM
It does not make a lick of sense for Chad to be on the backburner 3 months out. In this whole baby story, he's the one who knows all the secrets, he's the one with the confidentiality contract with Nick. Sonny knows what he knows, but there's no conflict with his telling the truth about Gabi and every reason to do so except for Chad's sake, so why is Chad toodling around the coffee shop stuck in a lame triangle going 'round and 'round in circles? (Love that description... it's so apt.) I still think that Abigail and Chad could have been a fantastic pairing if they had gone the Romeo & Juliet route... the good girl/bad boy story is so iconic, and they really do look good together. Instead we have yet another triangle, this one ridiculously revolving around Abigail's virginity. I hope CD is just being a brat in this interview.
even if we take that link to the Wabi baby and all he knows that can impact it....you have to add the fact that he was involved with Abby just until last month....and from what we got from that story they were quickly going to get serious if Chad hadn't blown the entire thing out of the water at the wedding...now Abby is being slowly shifted back toward Cameron, but that is happening now....so if in 3 months he's still back burner then it doesn't appear to be a good sign for Casey....I'm wondering if the show intentionally assumed he would walk after his contract was up so they didn't want to invest.
I think that it is strange that they do not invest more in Chad he is a younger Dimera and they could give him fantastic writing, instead of wasting sl on some boring characters that are completely uninteresting. IMO
No kidding. Why even bother creating a new Dimera? Because he was tall and so is James Scott? If he weren't so easy on the eyes, I would say his entire run has been anticlimactic. At least evil him up a little bit. Casey isn't the greatest actor by a long shot, but he's young, attractive, and the potential is there (and by comparison *I'm looking at you, Nu-Cameron* he isn't that bad really.) I hope he sticks around, because I do think he could be a good character if they'd just write for him. I'm not sure what the point is of having Nu-Cameron around. If he's just there to provide a third point to a triangle, then please just go already. I hope Abigail isn't going to have her first time with a nothing character like him. If she has sex for the first time with Chad, there is so much implication and complication already built in. If it's with Nu-Cam, well big whoopty-effing deal. Abigail lost her virginity. Woooo. (They're making it the center of this story, so there must be some reason they expect us to care.)
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