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I totally agree.... steffy is a manipulative, spoiled brat that can't get a man of her own .... she has to steal other womens men! Quite frankly I think she lost what few brains she had when she fell & hit her head. I really laugh when i hear haters saying that she is a women...Are you kidding me???? Please dont' insult the integrity & intelligence of REAL women by putting that trick steffy in the same class with us !!!! And taylor is about one of the nastiest self righteous skanks i've ever witnessed!W!@!$ She has some balls always putting Brooke down, she is a HIPOCRITE!!! That quack needs to SEEN by a Dr. herself , i wouldn't let her cousel my dog? The saying goes like mother like daughter! Hope is a lovely young lady & she will make it through this i believe.. she is strong. I would love to see a happy ending w/ Liam , she has endured so much she deserves to be happy with the one she loves! But at this point im tired of all pain & hurt she's going through and just want to see her be happy with Oliver or whomever. :(
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