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Feb 25 2013, 09:10 PM
I totally agree.... steffy is a manipulative, spoiled brat that can't get a man of her own .... she has to steal other womens men! Quite frankly I think she lost what few brains she had when she fell & hit her head. I really laugh when i hear haters saying that she is a women...Are you kidding me???? Please dont' insult the integrity & intelligence of REAL women by putting that trick steffy in the same class with us !!!! And taylor is about one of the nastiest self righteous skanks i've ever witnessed!W!@!$ She has some balls always putting Brooke down, she is a HIPOCRITE!!! That quack needs to SEEN by a Dr. herself , i wouldn't let her cousel my dog? The saying goes like mother like daughter! Hope is a lovely young lady & she will make it through this i believe.. she is strong. I would love to see a happy ending w/ Liam , she has endured so much she deserves to be happy with the one she loves! But at this point im tired of all pain & hurt she's going through and just want to see her be happy with Oliver or whomever. :(
Hope never loved Liam, period. When things got rough, she ran home and become a repackaged virgin.
Hope treats Liam like her mother treated Ridge, snaps her fingers and poof, all the time Liam spent with Steffy is gone/ all her problems with Liam are resolved/and Lope can go back to square one.
Brooke manipulative Lope and thus imploded them, not Bill or Steffy.

Taylor spoke the truth to Brooke and she didn't like it. Brooke spend all her life chasing men who she thought were her destiny, only to find out later in life, that she is all alone.

Don't worry, if Ridge ever came back with a new woman, Brooke will pop one of her destiny pills and chase Ridge, again.

No, to Oliver for Hope. He thought her first experience should have been during her graduation party, with underage children, and supervised adults lurking around.
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