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Feb 25 2013, 11:03 PM
Feb 25 2013, 10:40 PM
Feb 25 2013, 12:01 PM
Miss Rhi
Feb 20 2013, 01:09 PM
Stefano, John, and Nancy all return to Salem.
In between romps, Sami and EJ plot to get rid of Nick.
Sonny and Will realize Nick’s true intentions.
Eric and Hope offer Vargas a place in their prison release program, but he may have a different agenda.
Kayla and Maxine convince Daniel and Jennifer to come to Maxine’s Nurse of the Year party.
Nicole figures out that Chloe is using her.
Can we NOT see every one of EJami's romps? I'm sure it would be adequate to just have them in bed plotting.

Hope makes an appearance! yay! (i really hope Vargas isn't the mysterious stranger that's supposed to give Hope more to do, though.)

Maxine is "Nurse of the Year"?? I guess we should be glad Mel's gone, or I'm sure it would be Mel who was "Nurse of the Year".
I disagree i want every single EJ and Samantha romp we can get. After years of Sami romps with Lucas and Rafe. Then having to endure Ej and Nicole romps i say we Ejami fans should be getting a lot of romps to make up for what we had to witness for the pass 7 years.
Bo & Hope were love scene-less from 2005-2011. If a couple needs to constantly be shown as romping each other, then TPTB must be trying to convince the viewers that the pairing is supposed to be a good one &/or make viewers like the pairing. Besides which, didn't Sami & EJ already have grief sex last year? & haven't they already had a romp scene or two since getting back together 2-3 weeks ago? do we really need to see yet another one? the show isn't called "Days of Sami & EJ's love life". It's one thing to have characters have scenes in bed and imply that they've been sleeping together. It's completely different to have the writers show us every time they do it. If anything, that should put up red flags that the relationship isn't going to last & so they're trying to pack in as much for the fanbase as they can before the pairing is over.
Im not saying it should be the days of EJ and Samantha I dont mind that. I am just saying that I want EJ and Samantha to have their fair share of love scenes.

Bo and Hope was my first days couple they hooked me from the start. They had their fair share of love scenes before they had thay big break in between. Im just saying that its EJ and Samantha time to have some love scenes.
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