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Feb 25 2013, 11:00 PM
Can SC give an example of how Jennifer makes him a better person? I think he's as guilty of fanwanking as I am!
What I'd like to know is why it must all be about what Jennifer does for Daniel? What does he do for her? (And no, I'm not including his performing emergency surgery on her when she was stupid enough to get herself into situations that required it, because, hello, doctor? It's his damned job.)

As far as I'm concerned, Daniel's effect on Jennifer has been totally negative. She's become weak, needy, desperate, and obsessed since she got involved with him. She neglects her family, blows off her job (which she's lousy at, anyway), gets into screaming catfights with women she sees as rivals for Daniel, schemes, lies, snivels, whines, issues unrealistic and selfish ultimatums, and generally acts like an unreasonable shrewish bitch. Let's not even get started on how she's treated Jack, whether living or dead.

One would hope that true love would bring out the best in a person. Unfortunately, Daniel has brought out the absolute worst in Jennifer, and he hasn't done Chloe any favors either. Both women should dump his sleazy ass--maybe then they'd snap out of this unpleasant stage they're both in.
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