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Yes, but so is Sami. How on earth she can go on and on about her son's rights as a father and EJ not say anything is beyond me.
It might be because EJ and Sami already discussed over the summer how they shouldn't have kept the other out of their kids' lives. Sami stated how much of a mistake it was, noting that "he is a part of what makes them so special."
The least they could do is mention the irony of it. I dont need him to yell at her about it or anything, but it's a major flaw in this story, imo, and it's one of the main things keeping me from enjoying it (along with Nick not realizing he's part of Will's family). They just all sound like they have absolutely no awareness of who they are and what they've been doing the last few years. Plus when Nick said he wanted Will's family out of the baby's life, that round have been a good tie in to Stefano. But it also wouldn't have left room for Sami to be the the victim.
Hmm, you have a point. Mentioning it would have added another layer to this story and a reminder of their history. Maybe they will discuss it next week when they decide to scheme together. For years they schemed against each other over their kids but now they are scheming together for a father's rights. Since they didn't already, that moment should be a good time to add that in.

The story does have serious flaws but the show tries to remedy them. For example, Will and Nick being family, several family members have noted that they are family when others act like they aren't. Maybe they'll delve into why Nick acts as if there is no familial connection with Will. That may not be a flaw but a part of the story.
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