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It might be because EJ and Sami already discussed over the summer how they shouldn't have kept the other out of their kids' lives. Sami stated how much of a mistake it was, noting that "he is a part of what makes them so special."
and after that sami offer to help rafe hide nicole baby from ej if ej is the father
Which EJ doesn't know about. I wouldn't mind him bringing it up and Sami Sami reminding the
aud ience that she already apologized.

Feb 26 2013, 10:44 AM
Feb 26 2013, 09:41 AM
IMO, EJ isn't offering Sami his full support because he thinks she's perfect, he did tell her that her actions weren't wise, but because he has no sympathy for Gabi at all. Sami really shouldn't beat herself up because Gabi decided not to drink any of the beverages she was surrounded by at the Pub.

If Rafe is going to look down on Sami for her crimes, perhaps he should choose ones that he didn't actively participate in or cover up.
I'm actually glad that Rafe chose both those things because he did participate. I didn't take his comment as criticizing Sami for what she did but as criticizing EJ for being dumb enough to think that the woman who did those things to him is a prize. Plus, I like the implied reminder to EJ that Rafe helped.

The issue I have with this is that if Sami was within her rights (in Rafe's mind) to do what she did then there would be no valid reason for EJ to hold it against her. IIRC, Rafe told EJ that those crimes were signs that Sami was flawed, which makes me wonder why Rafe decided to enable someone who was making the wrong choice.
I guess I disagree with the idea that just because Rafe thinks Sami was right to do those things, he would then believe that EJ would think they were right. I'm quite confident that he knows that EJ hates that Sami did those things based on how EJ reacted to them. I think the underlying point was that it wasn't that long ago that Sami was with Rafe and doing all sorts of bad things to EJ, so if EJ wants to view Sami as a prize, then he's an idiot.

And I think it's irrelevant that Rafe is being hypocritical because his comments weren't about Sami, but about EJ for being all happy that he "won" the woman who tried to kill him and stole his child. And to the extent they were about Sami being flawed, I took Rafe's attitude as being that of someone who finally got his blinders off. While it has not been explicitly said, everything in Rafe's attitude has been that he has finally seen Sami for who she is and regrets believing she was different.
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