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The least they could do is mention the irony of it. I dont need him to yell at her about it or anything, but it's a major flaw in this story, imo, and it's one of the main things keeping me from enjoying it (along with Nick not realizing he's part of Will's family). They just all sound like they have absolutely no awareness of who they are and what they've been doing the last few years. Plus when Nick said he wanted Will's family out of the baby's life, that round have been a good tie in to Stefano. But it also wouldn't have left room for Sami to be the the victim.
The least that Sami can do is mention how just this fall she was willing to help Nicole keep Daniel Rafael from EJ....that is the shit that I can't stand about this story.....Rafe was mentioning how EJ's judgement isn't any better than his (Rafe's)..that made sense to me....here is Ej telling Rafe about Kate....WTF...who the hell is he to talk...at least Kate hasn't tried to kill Rafe.....YET....
I think the point of what EJ said to Rafe about Kate was to plant a seed in Rafe's mind about what Kate's motivation might be. He managed to point out that Kate was married to Stefano and has been involved with him. It should make Rafe think twice about trusting Kate, but I got the impression from GG's interview that Rafe might be planning to use Kate, so he probably doesn't care about her trustworthiness.

Perhaps it is so EJ only wanted to talk about some facts when it comes to Kate and to be perfectly honest, Rafe is no match for Kate if it now so that she would want to use him for her own gain to something :) EJ knows exactly what kind of woman Sami is and what she's capable of and unlike Rafe, EJ likes everything with Sami, so Rafe's little rant was ridiculous.
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