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Feb 26 2013, 12:13 PM
The Scorpion
Feb 26 2013, 12:06 PM
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I think the point of what EJ said to Rafe about Kate was to plant a seed in Rafe's mind about what Kate's motivation might be. He managed to point out that Kate was married to Stefano and has been involved with him. It should make Rafe think twice about trusting Kate, but I got the impression from GG's interview that Rafe might be planning to use Kate, so he probably doesn't care about her trustworthiness.

Perhaps it is so EJ only wanted to talk about some facts when it comes to Kate and to be perfectly honest, Rafe is no match for Kate if it now so that she would want to use him for her own gain to something :) EJ knows exactly what kind of woman Sami is and what she's capable of and unlike Rafe, EJ likes everything with Sami, so Rafe's little rant was ridiculous.
Sorry but that's simply not true...Ej has said before that he doesn't like the Sami that lies to him. He's no different in that regard to any of her other men.

On the Kate/Rafe thing....Rafe knows about Kate, whether they are both using one another NOW is yet to be seen, but the initial romp was just a drunken unplanned ONS, now it seems to be a bit more....and I agree with Esp on what that exchange meant between Ej/Rafe, Ej should NEVER, EVER talk to anyone, or lecture anyone about choices or their judgement for real.
Of course he did not like that she lied about their child and the shooting, but the thing is that EJ gave back and understood what Sami actions was about, because they are alike in the way they handle things and how they think. And yes, my opinion is that EJ is the only man to date that embraces Sami's whole personality and he do not want to stifle any of this.
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