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I think sexist might be a better word for Victor than misogynist, but then I don't care about semantics debates and if someone wanted to argue that slut-shaming is inherently misogynistic I wouldn't argue (you're still holding women hostage to a certain standard of sexual expression blah blah blah). And I don't think that you can use sexist/misogynistic insults but get off the hook for not really meaning it; if you don't mean it in a sexist/misogynistic way, then use an ungendered/asexual insult instead.

Which is not to say I don't appreciate Victor's character the way it is (or should be). He's always been my favorite long-term villain, and I miss the Victor that had an edge and bite. But let's not say he isn't what he is :laugh: He's actually a villain, it's okay for him to have traits that I abhor (and also why the magic of Magic doesn't exist, for me).
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