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Today was so much better than yesterday. I'm still disappointed in how the reunion romance and conversation was treated yesterday for Will and Sonny. But today was just sooooooo good! Blake, Freddie and Chandler all did a fabulous job. Nick is sick and twisted but I just love watching him because Blake just kicks ass in all his scenes. I love how Sonny just stood there for a bit and then went at it with Nick. I am so glad that Sonny is on the in now because Will needs a lot of help. I don't like how they have made Will so weak and it sounds like it's going to get worse when he signs away his parental rights...even though it's a given Will will get the rights back. But I do like that Sonny is there to fight for Will. Plus, Sonny is very smart and if anybody can go head to head with Nick, it's him.

So the secret Will told Sonny was about EJ. Just weird they kept it that suspenseful. I'm not sure the normal viewer would even remember them discussing a secret yesterday. Sonny needs to tell Will what Gabi did. Sonny can blackmail Nick right back.

If today is any indication this is going to a fun and very vicious custody battle. I can't wait. I hope Sonny starts scheming with Sami. That would be all kinds of fun :smile: .
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