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Feb 26 2013, 09:31 PM
I can't remember this! Does anyone know what mischief Vivian and Ivan were up to upstairs?
Here's Dustin's recap for the 5/2/97 episode:

May 2
At Austin's place Carrie opens the door and hears Sami ask Austin to sleep with her. Austin asks her what she means, and she just wants him to sleep in the same bed with her. Austin says he's such a restless sleeper, but Sami says that she's not sleeping well alone, and perhaps it will help her regain her memory. Austin agrees to sleep with her, and a pissed off Carrie storms back to her apartment.
Sami tells Austin she's looking forward to sleeping in the same bed with him, and says she hopes soon they can be together in every way. Austin suddenly realizes they are out of ice and has to go over to Carrie's to get some. After he leaves Sami asks herself what she said wrong.

At Carrie's place Carrie is furious, and Lucas tries to make Austin look bad, but only hurts Carrie. Lucas apologizes and hugs her and tells her it's almost like Austin enjoys hurting Carrie. Austin just happened to hear that and Austin punches Lucas when Lucas says "I thought you'd be under the covers with Sami by now." Carrie yells at Austin for hitting Lucas and says he's not the one sleeping with Sami. Lucas leaves to let them talk, and Carrie's furious he agreed to sleep with Sami. Austin says that nothing else is going to happen, but Carrie says even though Sami can't make love she can still hold and kiss him. Carrie tells Austin that if Sami doesn't get her memory back she's going to lose him.

Lucas goes over to Austin's to see Sami, who is upset because she thinks Austin doesn't want to sleep with her. Sami asks Lucas if she should have asked him to sleep with her, and Lucas says of course she should have, he's her husband. Sami wonders if she should tell Austin about the conversation with Lynn, but Lucas tells her not to burden him with that. Suddenly a news report comes over the radio that Billie has been arrested!

Lucas wheels Sami over to Carrie's place to tell them Billie has been arrested. Austin and Carrie run off to the station, and Lucas tells Sami that it's good he didn't message the drugs since she saw Austin's reaction to Billie being arrested for drugs. Lucas also makes Sami promise to tell him if she has any memories first.

Bo explains to Abe what happened on the pier, and how Billie was arrested. Bo tells them how Billie saved Hope and the cops lives, and that she took the wrap for the drugs because she didn't want Shawn D to be blamed. Bo feels this is all his fault, but he vows to get King somehow. Abe says he needs to go check on Billie, and when Bo asks to give her her own cell Abe says giving her special treatment could look bad.

Hope can't believe Billie is doing drugs again, and is upset that Bo is furious with him. Jen tells Hope she saw the way Bo looked at her, his feelings haven't changed. Hope says what about his engagement to Billie, and Jen suggests that he may be with Billie to help her through her drug problem.

Abe leaves his office and Hope goes in to talk to Bo. Hope says she didn't mean for this to happen, she only wanted to help Shawn D. Bo sees the pain in Hope's eyes, and wants to tell her the truth. When Bo goes to tell her the truth King calls and tells Bo he's going to have to persuade him he had nothing to do with the screw up, or he and his family are going to pay dearly. King hangs up, and Hope asks Bo what it was he wanted to tell her. Bo envisions that King has killed Hope, so he tells her that Billie's drug use is Billie's business. Hope asks him how he can be so cruel, and Bo tells her to just keep out of their lives. Hope tells him she's out of his life forever, and walks off. Abe returns to the office and tells Bo he did the right thing. Abe also tells Bo that there is another cop on Kings' payroll, so he did the right thing about not telling her.

Nan calls King and reports to him nothing new has happened, but King says if Bo turns on him Bo's son will pay.

Jen tells Hope that Billie's arrest is on all the stations, and when Bo hears it he decides to go talk to Billie.

Outside the DiMera Mansion Susan calls Marlena for help, but has to hang up when Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan break into Susan's room. Marlena is concerned about Susan, and doesn't know what to think about the call. Marlena and John go inside with the kids

Upstairs Kristen tells Susan to get out of her life and her sons life now. Susan holds up her mirror and yells at "them vampires" to get out. Suddenly John's voices carries through the house and Kristen runs downstairs while Vivian and Ivan try to get Susan to the secret room. John wants to check on John Jr. and also wants Marlena to meet the baby nurse, but Kristen stops them and says "no, you don't want to go up there!" Marlena asks why, and Kristen says she planned a surprise welcome back party with for everyone. Marlena keeps silent, but thinks something is up. Kristen goes back upstairs to check on the baby, and Marlena attempts to call Susan back.

Upstairs Susan answers her phone and claims that some vampires are going to fly her away to Transylvania, because the man vampire talks like he's from Transylvania. Marlena asks Susan to meet her at the hospital now, but Susan has to hang up when Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan the vampire come to get her.

Marlena returns to the main room and talks to John, who thinks Vivian has taken enough of his wife's time tonight, and decides to go get her. Upstairs Vivian says Ivan can knock Susan out, roll her up in a rug, and take her to the secret room! Susan however, hears the plan and refuses to become a human enchilada for Mr and Mrs Vampire. Vivian tries to talk her way into the room by Saying Kristen and Ivan are gone, and Susan tells Vivian to come on in. Vivian walks in, and Susan smashes her over the head with a chair! Vivian passes out, and Susan formulates her own plan. Susan dresses up as Kristen and wraps Vivian in the rug. When Ivan drags Vivian into the room Susan shuts them both in there! Eventually Vivian wakes up, and they realize they are shut in the secret room!

Downstairs Kristen continues to delay Marlena or John from going upstairs, but she can't delay them forever. John and Marlena decide to go up to see the baby and Kristen follows. Marlena and John go to enter the nursery, unaware Susan is in there in the Kristen disguise!

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