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I'm feeling disconnected from the show again. I think it's the pacing. Too many story lines, so not enough build and ramifications. Hard to get invested when the stories keep getting interrupted. And I'm really, really sick of the newbies, Kate/Connie. So by the time we finally get back to stories and characters I like - I'm not so invested anymore.

It's like trying to have sex, some hot foreplay begins, and then an interruption, and then having to start the motor up again, and another interruption, and after awhile - it's like "oh, forget about it." Because this is no way to build toward an orgasm.

As for Liz/AJ - feels like an insta-romance to me. I'm glad Liz is getting some airtime - but this whole sudden friendship thing feels forced. Like they're just trying to give 2 popular characters a love interest. But the insta-relationship isn't based on anything. It just feels contrived.

:badmood: I just want to find a soap home. Been searching and hoping for so long. But I'm getting tired. Will try to continue to pop in through Nurse's Ball and GH's 50th, but after that, I may have to just wean myself off of soaps entirely. The constant disappointment is getting old.
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