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GHH (Some of these may happen the Week of 3/11)

Molly tries to get Alexis to take in Rafe.

Sonny tries to talk Kate into therapy so that she can integrate Connie and Kate. Kate eventually agrees.

Later the two make love, but is it Connie or is it Kate?

Kelly Sullivan mentions in Soap Mags, that she thinks that neither Connie nor Kate are the true host. She says there may be a third, the young girl who fell in love with Sonny.
Kate hears a voice calling her name.

Frisco pushes Felicia to meet him at the Metro Court.

Kevin considers a future with Lucy.

Scott and Lucy have an affectionate reunion.

Scott sees Laura looking at an old photo of Luke and wonders if Laura's feelings for Luke are resurfacing.

Luke is determined to have Laura to see Scotty as he does.

Luke confronts Scott about the Ice Princess replica.

Laura plans to tell Luke that Anna is cheating on him.

Tracy tries to bribe Spinelli to get the pickle relish recipe.

AJ is on Cloud 9 because Liz agreed to go out with him.

Carly kisses AJ. Will Liz see it?

Liz tells Sabrina to just tell Patrick she loves him.

Sam goes to PCPD to plead for the release of John McBain, Lucy, and Rafe, who saved her from Caleb/Steven Clay.

Sam issues a warning to someone she is not particularly fond of.

John believes that Caleb is dead. However, he is still very much alive.

John confides some of his troubles in Sam.

Todd’s trial begins.

Todd is still intent on winning back Carly.

Heather clears Todd of any involvement in the Ferncliff breakout by seeing to it that someone connected to Johnny Zacchara does not testify.

Carly views Todd on TV, and something he says may change both of their lives forever.

Steve Webber leaves the show after he is arrested at his wedding to Olivia by Memphis police.

Sonny is in serious danger of losing his son to AJ, however his hands are tied because reverting to his old ways would only make the situation worse.

Source: GHH

TV Source

AJ is excited when he learns his date with Elizabeth is still on.

Sabrina is destroyed when she receives bad news about her future as a nurse.

Carly is disgusted at the thought of AJ and Elizabeth together.

Molly and Alexis promise Rafe that they will find a better home for him.

Spinelli tries to back out of his deal with Tracy but she proves to be very convincing.

Carly is still torn about her feelings for Todd.
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