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Feb 26 2013, 03:22 PM
I think sexist might be a better word for Victor than misogynist, but then I don't care about semantics debates and if someone wanted to argue that slut-shaming is inherently misogynistic I wouldn't argue (you're still holding women hostage to a certain standard of sexual expression blah blah blah). And I don't think that you can use sexist/misogynistic insults but get off the hook for not really meaning it; if you don't mean it in a sexist/misogynistic way, then use an ungendered/asexual insult instead.
Agree with all of this. The meanings of the terms aren't exactly the same and 'casually sexist' is probably a better description of Victor. I got curious after reading your post and randomly typed 'sexist vs misogynist' into Google and came up with an article discussing the differences. I tend to agree with someone who was quoted for it: "While sexism demonstrates a disregard and disrespect for women, I always have associated misogyny with something darker, angrier, and more cynical." Though Victor's hurled some pretty biting gender-based insults, somehow it wouldn't surprise me if the character were surprised/bemused to find himself accused of misogyny (which is not to excuse any of the more vile things he says).
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