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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

I found myself cringing for Peggy McKay. I don't know if it was an issue with her hearing or what but eventually they just sort of started working around her.

John Aniston was fabulous! He still has such a self assured, strong presence about him...and such witty answers!

Ari Z is so much fun. She is always the life of the party and so interesting. Love her!

GG was a lot of fun. I enjoyed his story about the difference between DAYS and Passions. "We don't get to shoot sharks with hand guns" LOL

EM is always one of my favorites at events. The man was born to be on stage...he always seems so completely at ease and engaging.

And, of course, James was so much :wub: LOVED his comment about suggesting his g/f stop watching the show for the next year or so. And Ari totally cracked me up with her "Well you're doing it now" when he was trying to salvage his answer about what he'd be doing if not acting by saying he'd be digging ditches. :lol:
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