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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Jeanne Marie Ford

Segment 1: Nicole continues her prayer. For once in my life I'm not trying to be selfish. I'm pretty sure it's too late to save my soul but please save Eric, save him from me. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I'm the last person You want to help but if You could do me this one last favour ... Roman walks up to her. Are you okay? Nicole - Yeah, I'm great. Roman - I just wanted to remind you that I need your help in identifying the guy who attacked you and Eric. Nicole - I told you I can and I will. I will never forget that face. He tried to kill both of us. I just hope you catch him soon so he doesn't hurt anyone else.

The junkie is choking Eric. He tells Eric to say a prayer for himself because he's going to meet his maker. All I want is that cash and with you out of the way I'll have it.

When Nick calls out that he needs to talk to Will right now, Will calls back "One minute." Will opens the door putting his shirt on. What's up. Gabi and the baby okay? Nick - No, Will, they're not. Will lets him in. What happened? Did Gabi start having contractions again. Nick - Gabi is resting now. Her condition is the same. Will - Thank God. You just scared the crap out of me. Nick - Good. You should be scared. The baby almost died today. Will - Yes I know that. Nick - Then you also probably know that this never would have happened if it weren't for your mother terrorizing ... Sonny - You can't blame Sami ... Nick - Excuse me, I don't just blame Sami, I blame Will for going along with everything Sami told him to do. Demanding a paternity test, really! Will - You're the one who agreed to it. Nick - Yeah because I didn't want to stress out Gabi anymore but I am done being nice okay. Somebody has to control your mother and if you don't do it, I will.

Kristen turns to look at Brady who has just slammed the door. I was just telling my father ... Brady - That I was an idiot and I swallowed your lies hook, line and sinker. Kristen - I know what you heard sounded bad. Just give me one minute to explain. Brady - Like when you lied to me about the note that was in the trash can. Marlena said you were driving her crazy, you said it was all about her and you were just trying to keep me out of the middle and I believed you. Everyone in this town was right and I was wrong. I was an idiot. Kristen - You were not an idiot but just listen to me ... Brady - I can't believe this. I know what happened. I told you I didn't want to move into your father's house and you made up a story about him being sick because you knew that I'd cave in. BTW it's bad karma to wish death upon a relative. Kristen raises her voice - Please let me explain. Brady sits down - Please do. And while you're at I want you to tell me about all the other lies you've been feeding me. I want to hear them all.

Stefano places a call to John. John - So how'd you do it? Stefano chuckles - How did I find you? Afterall you found me huh. Don't forget that I taught you everything that you know. John - Get to the point. What do you want? Stefano - I was thinking that you are a man who says he hates me so much so I'm a little curious as to why you're still here. 3000 miles aways is everything that you love. I would give it a second thought if I were you. John - The only thing I ever give a second thought to is taking any advice from you. Bye. Stefano - Hang up the phone John, that's the thing to do because you know that whatever I have to say to you I have to say to your face because I'm sure you're going to want to know what I have to say.

Segment 2: Abe comes into the Brady Pub and sees Marlena. He goes over to her. Marlena gives him a big hug. How good to see you. Abe - You need to know. John's coming home. Marlena - Why do you say it like that? Have you talked to him. Abe - Yes.

John joins Stefano. You have 5 mins. Stefano - I rang, you came and you are going to stay as long as I want you to because I know you're going to try to find out if I've harmed Marlena in any way. John - If you have God help you. Stefano - I don't think there's any way I could hurt her more than you've already done. After all, you dumped her. John - Get to the point. Stefano - I just wanted to be polite enough to tell you unless Brady ... John - What about him? Stefano - Your son and my beautiful daughter Kristen are going to live together under my roof.

Kristen - I admit I lied. I lied about my father being sick but I promise you I have not lied to you about anything else. Brady - Why should I believe you? Your father needed you to take care of him and of course I shouldn't say anything about how serious his condition is because he's a proud man and it might hurt his business. You thought of everything, didn't you? You thought you could pull a couple of strings and manipulate me to do what you want and the sick thing about it is you almost got away with it. Kristen - Wait a second, you wanted to live with me too. Brady - I sure did. I wanted to move in with you but not in your father's house. The only reason you wanted that was to hurt my Dad and to hurt Marlena. Everyone in this town was right about you and I was blind the whole time but my eyes are open Kristen. He leaves as she pleads with him to wait.

Will tells Nick to calm down. My mom was just as upset as anybody else when Gabi went into labour. She gets it. Nick - Does she? Will - Yeah. She will back off. Nick - She doesn't know how. Sonny - You think you know his mom better than he does? Nick - Does Will need you to speak for him because this has nothing to do ... Will - Hey, hey. No, we all want the same thing right? We want Gabi and the baby to be okay which apparently they are, but if it makes you feel better, sure, I will keep my Mom in check from now on. Nick - Like you've done so far? Get real Will. We both know you can't do that, nobody can. Not Rafe, not EJ friggin' DiMera. Will - Then what do you want from me then? Nick - I want you to do the right thing and if you really care about Gabi and this baby you will give up your parental rights for good.

Roman - You know Nicole I need to thank you. I wasn't real happy when Eric moved you into the convent but I'm sure glad you were there. Nicole - It's too bad your ex doesn't agree. Roman gets a call from HQ he has to take. I'll be in touch. Thanks again. After he leaves Nicole looks up, Okay God, now what? Well I guess I have to go back home sometime. Please make sure Eric is not alone, please.

Eric breaks free from the guy. When he sees the guy now has a knife Eric knocks it out of his hand but the junkie manages to get it back. Eric tells the guy it will be okay. When Eric makes a move towards him the junkie holds the knife to his own throat - Not one step closer.

Segment 3: Eric - You don't have to do this. Guy - You don't know me. You don't know what I would do. Eric knows that when he came in he was thinking that he'd get money for a fix and that fix would get him through to tomorrow. But there has to be a reason you held up a priest instead of a bank teller. I think there's more than just the money. Guy - You're right. I did come here for a reason. I came here because I hate everything this place stands for. Eric keeps approaching him. You're not thinking straight. Don't make any decision that you can't take back. Guy - I made that decision a long time ago. Eric - I used to think about myself the same way you do knowing that I ... Guy - You what, turned your life over to God. Eric - Yes I did. Nicole is now in the doorway and hears Eric say - I had to get as low as you did to realise that I could not do this on my own. You can't. No one can and you're not alone. Just let me help you. Guy - How stupid do you think I am? Eric - You're not stupid at all. I think God put you here for a reason. As bleak as things may seem right now I promise you that you can get through this. I can help you get through this. The guy drops to the floor crying. Eric crouches down next to him - It's okay.

Marlena asks Abe to sit down. What did John say to you? Abe - He wanted to know what was going on in town. He wanted me to keep an eye on Brady for him. Marlena - He couldn't ask me to do that? Abe - He said he talked to you. Marlena - Briefly. I can live with anything if I just knew he was coming home. Abe - He will. He loves you too much to stay away.

John - No, Brady would never ... Stefano - Isn't that what you said when you learned he was bedding her. Look if you don't believe me, call your son. John - Why are you gloating? You can't be any happier about this than I am. Stefano - I'll admit it was tough in the beginning but somehow or other it seems to be growing on me. Look, since your son dropped you dead like this I'm sure you're concerned that your son will not have a father figure but do not worry. I am going home and if you want I will play the part of the father.

Kristen chases Brady down in the park. I want you to give me another chance. Brady - You already had one of those. Kristen - I know. Don't you want to know the whole truth. Brady - I just don't think I'm going to get it. Kristen - Please. You're a good judge of character. You weren't wrong about me. Just look at me and see what I have to say. You're right. I did shade the truth. Brady - Why do you feel the need to shade the truth with me? Kristen - Because I love my father and I can't admit that he's not going to be around that much longer I guess. And he is sick. I'm talking about him blaming himself for Lexie's death - he's sick with grief over it. And when he found out about me and you, it just about did him in. Brady - So my moving into the mansion under false premises, is that going to make everything better? Kristen - No, it was stupid of me. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I thought it would be a first step ... Brady - Your father's happy about all this. Kristen - No but he doesn't want to lose another daughter and I don't want to lose another parent anymore than you do. Brady - Is that it? Is that the whole and complete truth this time. Kristen - Yes. Brady - Liar.

Will - I thought we discussed this already and we decided that that's not going to happen. Nick - You were totally ready to give up your parental rights before. You were going to allow me to be the only father of this little girl so that you two could be free. Will - No, I wasn't totally ready and I was wrong. I knew that then and I definitely know it now. Nick - Until you change your mind again. Will - I'm not going to. I'm not going to let my little girl's whole life be a lie. I'm not going to let her think I don't want her because I do. Didn't we decide that we were going to do this, the three of us together? Nick - I was on board with everything Gabi wanted until your mom nearly killed the baby. Will - Gabi went into labour because of dehydration. You can't pin this all on my mom. Nick - Oh okay. I guess we'll just leave it all up to chance then. And then what? Will - I don't know what you're talking about. Nick - The baby is born healthy and gosh, Sami Brady's never changed a paternity test, has she? A few? She's never kidnapped a kid once or twice? Will - She's not going to change the paternity test ... Nick - You know Will you're not really giving me much of a choice here. Will - I don't know what that means. Nick - Well if you don't take yourself out of this equation I'm going to have to do it for you. Sonny - Yeah, how are you going to do that? Nick - I am going to take him to court and I am going to have him declared an unfit father.

Segment 4: Sonny gets in Nick's face. Are you saying what I think you're saying. Is this about Will being gay? Nick - I'm not doing this to hurt Will. I'm doing this to put Gabi and the baby first. Will - Unlike me, that's what you're implying. Nick - When my parole is over, Gabi and I may want to leave town. We may want to start a new life somewhere. Will - No. That's not going to happen. You're not going to take my little girl away from me. Sonny - I have watched my Dad litigate hundreds of custody cases and biology counts for a lot. And I'm sorry, but even if the judge is the most bigoted person in the world, you're a convicted murderer. You will never get custody over Will. Nick - But see, I served my time. I paid my debt to society. What about you Will? Did you pay yours or did someone pay it for you? Will - It was you.

Nicole makes her presence known. Guy - Oh no, you again. Eric assures Nicole that it's okay. He's not going to hurt you. You can trust Nicole, she's one of us. Guy - What, a sinner? Eric - Somebody who's been given a second chance like me, like you. What's your name? Kevin. Eric - I'm going to ask Nicole to call the police. It's okay. My dad is the boss. His word is as good as mine. I gave you my word and I'm not going to break it. Kevin - I'm so sorry. Eric - Don't be sorry. You're taking the first step in turning your life around. I can't promise it's going to be easy, in fact, I know it's not going to be. But I can promise you that God is going to be with you every step of the way. Eric helps Kevin up.

John - Well I'm afraid that THAT is never going to happen. Stefano - But it already has John. I just spoke to my daughter and she told me that it's a done deal. There's nothing that you can do about it. You've already lost your son. John - Like I said, never. Stefano - And your wife. He raises a glass - To my ungrateful pawn, may you stay this miserable for all the days of your lives. If you'll excuse me I have a lot of things to get together to get ready to go home. Ciao.

Brady - What you're telling me doesn't make sense. I'm willing to shake hands with Stefano. I'm even willing to break bread with the guy for your sake but why the hell do I need to move into his house? Kristen - Because he asked me too, he demanded it of me actually. And if I don't do it ... Brady - Are you afraid of your own father? Kristen - I guess I kind of am. Brady - It certainly didn't sound like it when you were on the phone with him. Kristen - I certainly don't want him to know that. Brady - What is going to happen if he doesn't get his way? Is he going to kill you, kill me? Tell me what it is and tell me the truth because if you don't I swear to God I'm walking away and I'm not looking back.

Segment 5: When the uniformed cop puts the cuffs on Kevin Eric says 'I'm sorry.' Roman - What do you mean you're sorry? Eric - I promised him that he would not have to detox in jail; that he would get treatment and that he would be treated with compassion every step of the way. Roman - Okay, you got it. Eric - Kevin, this is Commander Brady, my dad. Like I said, his word is as good as mine. Roman, Kevin and the cop leave. Nicole - How could you do that? How could you be so kind to someone who tried to kill you?

Kristen - I will tell you everything but please promise to try and be understanding and try to be patient. This isn't something that I talk about ever; it's not even something that I want to think about. My father as you know has done pretty much every horrible thing imaginable. I know that but with me, he's been good to me. He's been understanding and caring towards me. He would never physically hurt me. When I left Salem 15 years ago I was his sworn enemy. Can you imagine what he had to go through to forgive me. Think about it. If I was to defy him again, that would be my last chance. Life as I know it would be over for me.

Nick - It's me? I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. Sonny holds Will back - He's trying to provoke you to use something against you. Just relax. Nick - Your dad might be a great lawyer but he can't make this go away. Does he know what Will did? Do you? Will - Get out. Nick - Why? Cause you got something to hide. Sonny you should know this, Will tried to kill EJ DiMera and he let his dad take the rap for it. Sonny - That's a lie. Will - You have no idea what you're talking about. Nick - Actually Will I do. I know everything.

Segment 6: Brady - Stefano's a scary guy but ... Kristen acts scared and goes into Brady's arms. Brady - What's wrong with you? You're hearts pounding like a rabbit. Take a deep breath. Kristen has to get out of here. She has to go someplace where she feels safe. Brady will take her home.

Marlena ends a call with Roman and tells Abe they caught the man who attacked Eric. Every time the phone rings I think it's going to be Sami marrying EJ or Gabi going into labour or some awful thing that Kristen's done. Abe - You feel like you're going through it all alone. Marlena - Yeah but it's nothing compared to what you're going through. Abe - Whoa. It's not a competition. You're missing your husband. There's no reason for him to be thousands of miles away when you need him. Life is too short. Marlena - Thank you for understanding that. Abe - Those last few weeks Lexie taught me so much about seizing the moment. Marlena - Me too. Abe - She would say you have right to be upset and angry. Marlena - I know that, I just don't know what to do. Abe - Well I think I do. If I were the one asking for advice you'd tell me to pick up the phone and reach out to John ... so what are you waiting for?

Nicole - Why did that guy come back? He came back for the money, didn't he? She notices the bruising on his neck. He hurt you. Why didn't you tell your father? Eric - I'm fine. Nicole - You're not fine. He tried to kill us both. Eric - Do you think it was wrong for me to offer him a little bit of compassion? Nicole - And what would Jesus do and all that! Eric - What should we all do Nicole? We're all imperfect. We all deserve a little bit of love, don't we?

Sonny - You're leaving. He opens the door. Nick - Sure if that's what you want. I'll walk out of here and go straight to Gabi and tell her everything I know. She'll file suit and it will all come out. Will - There's nothing to come out. Nick - Where have I heard that before? Your Dad knows, who else? Sonny closes the door as Nick continues - Your mom? Your grandma? I know you told T. Will - How ... Sonny snaps - Will! Nick - Ohh, he told you too, didn't he? Do you really want your boyfriend to have to testify against you in court? Your father? Your friend T? It was pretty dumb of you to let him shoot the gun like that. Yeah, I've got you dead to rights. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

Segment 7: Nick - I'm not trying to ruin your life here Will. I'm just trying to take care of my family. Will - Your family? Nick - Don't you want to take care of yours? Do you really want Aunt Hope and your Grandpa Roman and Rafe all having to investigate this case; all having to turn state's evidence against you? Your father would have to testify and of course they're going to charge him with perjury for lying the first time. He looks at Sonny - So you're not the only guy who knows something about the law. Sonny - This is blackmail. Nick - No, it's a choice. Since Will claims that Gabi and the baby mean so much to him ... Will - What do you mean claims? Nick - You can either put them first willingly, nobly or you can force my hand in which case I will make sure the entire world knows what you did. But take some time, think about it. Word to the wise though, prison's not fun especially for somebody like you. He leaves. Sonny comforts a shell-shocked Will.

Nicole - I guess I don't think I do ... deserve love. You told that guy ... you told him everyone deserves a second chance. Well I've had three, four, even twenty and look where I am. Eric - This isn't all about him, is it? Nicole - Of course is. Eric - Nicole, please don't. I think it's more about you and why you need to leave Salem to visit your sister. I think we need to stop lying because if we die tomorrow, yesterday ... there would be a lot of unsaid stuff. We need to stop lying to ourselves and each other. Nicole - You're right. We do.

Abe - Call your husband. You have nothing to lose. He loves you. Marlena picks up her phone. Abe notices her expression - What? Marlena - Well if you happen to believe in omens, battery's dead.

John pulls out his phone and calls Marlena but gets her voicemail. He hangs up. He calls Ben. Fire up the jet, I'm going home.

When they get back to her hotel room Brady asks how she's doing. Better. She needs to talk to him. I've never told anybody this except for my therapist. When you told me about Ari and Madison, how you were afraid to get married again, you really trusted me. I know that was hard for you. But when you did it I felt so much closer to you because you told me something so personal. Brady - I had to because it was about us. Kristen - This kind of is too. I'm just going to lay it on the line. I'm going to be as honest with you as you were with me cause you don't trust me and I don't blame you. I really need you to see inside my soul. Brady - Is it about Dad and Marlena? Kristen - Kind of but much, much more. I've tried to erase it, pretend it never happened to me ... Brady - What are you talking about? Kristen - I'm going to tell you what happened to me while I was gone from Salem.
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