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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, February 26th Daily Discussion
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That's right, Sonny. Protect your man and show us you're more than cute puppydog eyes!! Although I too wish Will would show some of his former fire. He started to w/ Slami the other day, but that was quickly snuffed out. Though I do love Chandler. I really like BB's "crazy" and all, but just physically he is so not menacing to me. Sonny could knock him the fuck out easily lol

Marlena and Abe were so much love. Thank you for ackowledging that John, Marlena and Abe are long-time friends. Wish Abe were the commish again instead of Creamed Spinach Mouth, though. He was way better at it and I'd much rather have some more Abe time than Fauxman.

Eric, dear, just because you are a priest does not mean you have to ONLY speak in overly dramatic whispers. Quit it. Thanks.

Kristen, please oh please oh PLEASE tell Brady of the harem. I must admit, this little cliffhanger has me all sorts of excited...Which normally I wouldn't be but DAYS has been surprising me so much lately that I am -dare I say- HOPEFUL.

"My ungrrrrrrrateful pawn! May you stay this miserrrrrable for all the days of yourrr lives!"

STEFANO!!!! I am officially salivating at the prospect of more Stefano/Kristen face-to-face, Stefano/John and Stefano/Marlena. Oh, please please please come back to Salem same time as John!!!

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Tuesday, February 26th Daily Discussion · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion