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Feb 27 2013, 10:06 AM
Will could sign away his rights but it will not matter because a person has so many months(I thinking three months) after the baby is baby to change their mind.Like when a baby is put up for adoption by its parents after the baby is born even if the baby is adopt,the bio parents have a few months to change their minds.
I'm no legal expert but I hope that's true. If that's the case, then having Will sign is just another dramatic device to extend the plot. I have a feeling this is how it will go down: Nick brow beats Will into signing, but EJ and Sami inform him that there is a 3 month time period before it becomes official. Let Nick think he's won, thus giving them more time to plot. They need to accomplish several things. 1) Find a way to get Nick out of the picture permanently 2) Keep Will out of jail. 3) Find a way to cover both EJ and Lucas's asses (and everyone else who knows the truth).

Meanwhile, Nick will probably skip all over town - like the egotistical moron he is - telling everyone he's "won". Everyone will wonder what underhanded scheme (probably illegal) scheme he pulled to make that happen. (and if I were part of Will's team, I'd start dropping hints to people like Hope and Roman to get them to start looking into it). ESPECIALLY Rafe and Gabi. Rafe, because he knows better than most that Sami would NEVER let anything like that happen unless she was dead. And if Nick doesn't tell Gabi exactly what he did, she'll start wondering about what lies Nick has been telling her. Not just about Will but about other stuff - like his time in prison. The trust they have between them will begin deteriorating.

And let us not forget, Nick's prison buddy will be out soon. And I'll bet dollars to doughnuts EJ and Sami will be pulling that guys strings in their quest to destroy Nick. We already know the mere sight of the guy will initiate the unravelling of Nick. At the VERY least, they will try to get Nick's parole revoked.

And HOPEFULLY this who process of fighting for his child will finally make a MAN out of Will.
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