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Will signing away his rights makes no sense. Nick can't take him to court, Gabi has to do that and Nick would have to convince her so he definitely had time before signing. Even if Nick told the cops and played the tape there would be no guarantee of an investigation or prosecution let alone conviction and jail. Without all of these steps Nick does not have a leg to stand on in civil court. In the scheme of things even in a civil court a judge would still be deciding between a muderer with illegally obtained and possibly faked evidence and a confused traumatised 14 year old who may or may not have tried to shoot someone. It's pretty much a toss up. It would have made more sense to see if anything would come of Nick's threats than to immediately give in. It is yet more of the passive, naive, and weak Will. It seems like whenever he has to do more than cry or complain over something he just folds. I am not sure he should have the baby, if he can't man up for her now then when. I find it funny that the article says that Sonny has to tell Will that the reason Nick doesn't want him around the baby is because he is gay. Then Will has to actually go ask? Nick has called him gayboy to his face and told him the baby shouldn't be confused by having three daddies and someone had to tell Will he's a homophobe? Further after Nick admits his reason Will becomes concerned and realizes Nick can be a jerk? Nick exudes crazy and Will hasn't been concerned before? Nick being a jerk wasn't clear to him when he was calling him gayboy, trying to keep him from being a part of the baby's life, or when he blakcmailed him? I have the hardest time not damaging my television when watching Will onscreen and it seems it will only get worse.

As far as Sonny telling Will what he knows, while I think he should at least be conflicted by it, it really serves no useful pupose other than to possibly get Chad in legal trouble and give Will a reason not to like Gabi. Nick realized he had to get proof and he would know the same about any threat to Gabi. Andrew is dead and the only people that know all of the details, and not just that Gabi did something bad, are Chad (who legally can't tell), Justin (who legally can't tell), Melanie (who is gone), and Sonny (who got his information from Chad which to some extent makes it heresay). Will and Sonny could use the information to scare Nick and Gabi in terms of having everyone in town know what she is really capable of, but that is the most trouble they can threaten with what they have and without proof they could actually have legal consequences for spreading the information.

In any case I agree with others. Where is Will's backbone? Why would he sign over his rights without any kind of a fight? It's hard to be on a character's side when even he won't stand up for him.
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