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Really? They let EJ raise a child despite how he has "acted" in the past. Sami gets to raise her children. Lexie did all sorts of bad things when she was trying to keep Zach, but she got to raise Theo. I realize Nick isn't the biological father, but since I don't believe that biology is everything, that doesn't much matter to me.

I'm with the poster above who said that if Nick was a homophobe, I'd be totally team Nick. And I like Will. But I hate Sami and it's hard to root for any scenario where I have to be on her side about anything. If Will stood up on his own and didn't let his mother influence him, I'd be much more likely to be completely on his side. As it is, the best I can hope for is that Nick gets taken down, Will tells Sami to take a hike, Gabi gets a brain, and Will and Gabi figure out how to co-parent their child.
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