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Feb 27 2013, 11:00 AM
If Nick wasn't a homophobe, I would be cheering for him to con, blackmail or do whatever it takes to be a father to this kid. Will may be the biological father but he has not shown a fraction of the desire to be the baby's father that Nick has shown. In Salem, it's a winner take all battle to the death in custody disputes and Will simply is not a worthy competitor who is up to the challenge. Until he grows a spine and starts fighting for his daughter, I am not convinced she would be better off with him than with Nick. For me, the only person in this mess with the potential to be a good father is Sonny. Nick and Will bring their own sets of unique problems that make both of them bad prospects for fatherhood.
I can't say I agree with this viewpoint entirely but I definitely have some sympathy for it. I keep analyzing where Will's head could be at in an effort to conjure up more empathy, but I just don't particularly care for him right now. Lately, I felt he was strongest when he stood up to Sami at the hospital. I felt his love and concern for his daughter then. I want to see more of that Will, and not just when he's parenting his own mother. I keep thinking 'it's coming, it's coming...' but I'm not so sure.
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