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Will could sign away his rights but it will not matter because a person has so many months(I thinking three months) after the baby is baby to change their mind.Like when a baby is put up for adoption by its parents after the baby is born even if the baby is adopt,the bio parents have a few months to change their minds.
Will signing away his rights means nothing mainly because he has proof that he was blackmailed into doing it. No agreement signed under coercion is legally binding.
That might be true (although the popular perception of coercion and the legal definition aren't always the same) but the only way to prove he was coerced is to reveal that he shot EJ and Nick blackmailed him. That's not exactly a good scenario.
It's obvious to me that Will, and probably Gabi, will end up with custody in the end. I just hate the fact that Will signs over his rights in the first place. Now his has been willing to give up his baby not once, but twice. I don't care if he was coerced, it still looks bad.
Maybe I'm just a softy but for ME, what it boils down to is that Will (and Gabi for that matter) are scared kids who have suddenly been thrust into VERY adult, life altering situation. Will has a HELL of a lot to work through, and I find it unrealistic and unfair to expect Will to just be able to flip a switch and suddenly become a confident bad ass.

And if you don't agree with that assessment, try looking at it from a soap opera writers stand point - they have to drag this shit out and ratchet up the twists and turns for MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS. This is how they're doing it.
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