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That might be true (although the popular perception of coercion and the legal definition aren't always the same) but the only way to prove he was coerced is to reveal that he shot EJ and Nick blackmailed him. That's not exactly a good scenario.
Well, there might be a way that Will, EJ and Lucas an get their legal ducks in a row and do just that. PLUS, Sonny is a witness to Nick's blackmail threat. There HAS to be a way to have Will confess and NOT get thrown into jail. He was a minor, he was coerced into not turning himself in by a parent and the man he shot has NO desire to press charges. There are SO many extenuating circumstances that at the minimum, he could just get probation and only be forced to stay in Salem.

Sure, there are extenuating circumstances. Attempted murder can get you up to life in prison. I'm sure the extenuating circumstances in Will's case could get him down to 2 years or so (about half of what Nick served for murdering a scumbag while addicted to pain pills).

I continue to find it hilarious that Nick murdering Trent is the most heinous crime anyone has ever committed, but Will shooting EJ is no worse than jaywalking.
Nick murdering someone is not the most heinous crime anyone has ever committed. However, a murderer trying to take the legal and moral high ground because he went to jail is ridiculous especially considering he is committing a crime. Also, while the circumstances do not change what Will did, the circumstances do make the difference. Will's age and state of mind are a consideration in mitigating the crime and while kids can be tried as an adult that mostly occurs in heinous murder cases and that is not what this is. Most of the problem with Nick is what he is doing now as opposed to what he has done previously. As for the characters' reaction to Nick's past versus Will's past it make sense when you consider that Nick is incensed that Will has not had to pay for his crimes while at the same time he has taken steps to make sure that Gabi does not have to pay for hers.
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