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Feb 27 2013, 12:32 PM
Maybe the legal eagles can weigh in but I would suspect that Nick's ILLEGALLY obtained tape would be inadmissable in a court of law. He was stupid enough to not only to have a witness to his blackmail, the witness is the son of a lawyer. And I think a few have already stated that even if Will signs the papers, there is a waiting period of several months before the severing of parental rights can become finalized.

So, Nick the "genius" hasn't thought this whole thing through. Let alone the personal ramifications of pulling such a stunt. Will's 180 won't go unnoticed and will raise even more questions and problems for Nick. I mean does he HONESTLY think that people like Sami, EJ, Lucas, Sonny, Kate, Marlena are just going to roll over? Does he REALLY think people like Rafe, Gabi, Hope and Jennifer are not going to ask questions?

Will may be acting like a pussy right now. But Nick is acting like an egotistical moron who's building a house of cards that are guaranteed to fall all over him.
No. Illegally obtained evidence is only inadmissible if the government acted illegally in obtaining it. If Nick mailed the tape to the cops and they arrested Will on the basis of the tape, that tape is totally admissible.

Plus, you're assuming that the laws of real life apply in Salem which, of course, they don't. Sami blackmailed Lexie into changing medical tests and never served a day in jail for it, despite the fact she admitted the truth after Lexie blabbed. So no, I don't think Nick is overly worried about getting charged with blackmail.

But, I agree, he probably hasn't thought the whole thing through all the way in terms of how people will react. But that's what makes the story fun. And regardless of how many people ask questions, if Will doesn't fess up, there is nothing they can do about it.
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