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Feb 27 2013, 10:18 AM
Feb 27 2013, 10:01 AM
I love Will and Sonny, but I'm at odds now. If Will succumbs to these demands without Sonny telling Will what he has on Gabi, I'm not sure I can continue being behind this couple. Sonny KNOWS Will loves this baby and wants baby. How could this relationship survive if Will gives this baby up and finds out Sonny knew what Gabi did and didn't tell him? I'm not sure it could. I mean I know Will kept a HUGE secret but Sonny's secret involves a potentially important piece in a custody battle.
Will could sign away his rights but it will not matter because a person has so many months(I thinking three months) after the baby is baby to change their mind.Like when a baby is put up for adoption by its parents after the baby is born even if the baby is adopt,the bio parents have a few months to change their minds.
I understand that, but not the point. I can't wrap my head around Sonny wanting Will all secret/lie free and then just let's Will hand over his rights to Gabi, who orchestrated the whole stalker thing, caused an explosion that killed 1 and almost killed many more, and an ex-fellon.... without filling Will in. I get the whole Chad thing but this is a baby. One Sonny knows will wants. I honestly don't see them surviving this.
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