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Stefano returns to the Dimera mansion

Jennifer is devastated when Chloe answers the door to Daniel's hotel room

Will is determined to stop Gabi from marrying Nick

Gabi is thrilled when Rafe agrees to attend her wedding

Chad visits Stefano and admits he is considering moving back into the mansion

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Marlena thinks John has a plan regarding Kristen
Chloe drugs Daniel and sets up a shocking scene for Jennifer to find.
Rafe catches Lucas and Sami after they break into the Salem PD evidence room.
EJ tells Sami the conditions for seeking Stefano's help with Nick.
Kate wonders if she and Rafe should end things before Stefano finds out.
While Nick and Gabi are busy getting married, Vargas is released from prison.

**UPDATED 3/6**

Monday ("Flirting")
John is confused by Kristen's actions; Chloe drugs Daniel; Sami asks Lucas to help her protect Will.

Tuesday ("Bad Scene")
Jennifer witnesses a horrific scene in Daniel's hotel room; Stefano invites EJ to move back into the mansion.

Wednesday ("Gabi's Wedding")
Chloe and Nancy realize they left some incriminating evidence in Daniel's hotel room; Will sets out to stop Gabi from marrying Nick.

Thursday ("Stefano Returns")
Nick threatens Nick not to cross him again (*one name must be incorrect*); Kate wonders about what to do about her relationship with Rafe now that Stefano has returned.

Friday ("Feelings")
Brady believes that his dad still has feelings for Kristen; Nick and Gabi exchange vows at the Horton house.

Daily Spoilers for the week of March 11th

3/11, Marlena's reunion with John leaves her disappointed; Brady receives Stefano coldly; Chloe drugs Daniel; Lucas helps Sami break into the police evidence room.

3/12, Chloe's trick fools Jennifer; Kristen tells Stefano she flirted with John; Rafe finds Lucas and Sami in the evidence room.

3/13, Jennifer confronts Daniel; Nancy goes to Daniel's hotel room to retrieve the pills; Kristen's plot pleases Stefano; John continues to push Marlena away; Will goes to talk to Gabi about Nick; Rafe agrees to attend Gabi's wedding.

3/14, Brady questions John's acceptance of Kristen; E.J. tells Sami about Stefano's return; Nick issues a warning to Will; Kate worries about Stefano's wrath; Chad tells Stefano he is considering moving back into the mansion.

3/15, Marlena suspects John intends to destroy Kristen; Sami considers moving into the mansion; Nick and Gabi get married; Eric's guest shocks Nicole.

TV Guide Previews

3/11, Rafe thanks Kate for being supportive of Gabi; Daniel's shocked that Jennifer wants to break up; Chloe asks Nancy to come to Salem and help her get Daniel back; Cameron comforts Abigail.

3/12, Stefano asks EJ to move back into the mansion; Kristen makes a confession to Stefano; Jennifer is devastated by what she sees in Daniel's hotel room; Rafe catches Sami and Lucas in the evidence room.

3/13, Stefano is delighted by Kristen's diabolical plot; Rafe finally agrees to attend Gabi's wedding; John continues to rebuff Marlena's attempts to reconcile; Chloe and Nancy realize they left something incriminating in the hotel room.

3/14, Kate is stunned when Rafe informs her Stefano is back; Brady has some tough questions for John; Nick warns Will not to try turning Gabi against him ever again; Chad admits he's considering moving back into the mansion.

3/15, Sami is stunned that EJ wants her to move into the mansion; a wedding takes place at the Horton house; Brady tells Kristen he believes John still has feelings for her; Eric's actions appall Nicole.
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