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Elizabeth gets Sabrina to admit her feelings for Patrick

Spinelli goes to the extremes with Tracy demands he gives up the stolen documents

Connie's book launch becomes the site of a scandal

Carly Kisses AJ

Connie accuses Sonny of cheating on her with Kate

Will Starr lie to her father to help Carly?

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March 11:
Spinelli resorts to extreme measures when Tracy demands that he turn over the stolen document.
Carly kisses AJ.

March 12:
The launch of Connie's book becomes the site of a scandal.
Connie accuses Sonny of cheating on her with Kate.
Liz may be in for a shock if she catches AJ sharing a kiss with Carly.

March 14:
Sam issues a warning to someone that she doesn't like.

March 15:
Sam is there when McBain beats himself up over past failures. Could this lead to something more?
Scotty has a warm reunion with a face from the past.
Scotty isn't thrilled to see Laura looking at a picture of Luke. Are old feelings coming back?


TV Source

Carly’s self-destructive behavior could impact AJ and Elizabeth’s potential friendship/relationship.


Carly kisses AJ. Will Liz see it?

Sam issues a warning to someone she is not particularly fond of.

John believes that Caleb is dead. However, he is still very much alive.

John confides some of his troubles in Sam.

Todd’s trial begins.

Todd is still intent on winning back Carly.

Heather clears Todd of any involvement in the Ferncliff breakout by seeing to it that someone connected to Johnny Zacchara does not testify.

Carly views Todd on TV, and something he says may change both of their lives forever.

Steve Webber leaves the show after he is arrested at his wedding to Olivia by Memphis police.

Sonny is in serious danger of losing his son to AJ, however his hands are tied because reverting to his old ways would only make the situation worse.

Source: GHH

Episode Titles and Previews

(Todd's Appearance)
3/11, Carly is shocked by Todd's appearance; Tracy insists that Spinelli give her the stolen paper.(CC) (Stereo)

(Searching for Kate)
3/12, Sonny encounters Olivia at Steve's apartment; Sabrina reveals her true feelings to Patrick.(CC) (Stereo)

(Wanting Answers)
3/13, Todd looks to Starr for answers about Carly; Lulu and Dante are excited when they see a sonogram of their baby; Agnes flirts with Mac.(CC) (Stereo)

(The Ball)
3/14, Lucy gives the nurses some good news; Elizabeth and AJ talk about his kiss with Carly.(CC) (Stereo)

(Laura's Feelings)
3/15, Scott worries that Laura has feelings for Luke; Alexis is forced to deliver disappointing news to Rafe.

Week of March 11th

Tuesday, March 12: At the book launch for Love In Maine, it is revealed that Molly is the true author of the racy novel!

Monday March 11:
Liz prods Sabrina to finally tell Patrick how she feels.
AJ gets a kiss from Carly.
Tracy demands that Spinelli hand over stolen documents.

Tuesday March 12:
Connie's book launches a scandal.
Connie is furious that Sonny cheated on her with her alternative personality.

Wednesday March 13:
Lulu and Dante see a sonogram of their child.
Starr has the chance to help Carly by lying to Todd.

Thursday March 14:
Lucy tries pulling everything together for the Nurses' Ball.
Todd gets a warning from Sam.

Friday March 15:
Scott catches Laura staring at a photo of Luke.
Sam and McBain are drawn close as he blames himself for what happened to Rafe.
Scott and Lucy are reunited.

ABC plot points for two weeks

Bobbie shows up on screen.

Lulu gets all teary, looking at a sonogram on her surrogate baby.

Maxie is upset, realizing that she is giving up Spinelli’s baby.

Scott catches Laura looking at old Luke photos.

Scott worries that Laura will believe he sent the Ice Princess fake to Lulu.

Kevin is jealous of Scott and Lucy’s friendship.

Molly is embarrassed. The people who like her book, like the “racy” parts that Connie wrote.

Connie confronts Sonny about his sleeping with Kate.

Alexis has bad news for Rafe.

Carly makes AJ pretend to be her boyfriend in front of Todd.

Sam warns Todd about karma.

Lucy hands over a check to cover the cost of the Nurse’s Ball.

Olivia worries about where Steve has gone to.

Elizabeth confronts AJ about the kiss with Carly.

Elizabeth asks AJ to perform with her at the ball.


Daily Spoilers week of March 11th

3/11, Elizabeth convinces Sabrina to open up to Patrick; Tracy demands Spinelli turn the stolen document over; A.J. and Carly kiss.

3/12, Scandal hits the site of Connie's book launch; Connie accuses Sonny of infidelity; Liz heads towards a kissing Carly and A.J.

3/13, The sonogram delights Lulu and Dante; Starr considers lying to her father for Carly.

3/14, Lucy prepares for the Nurses Ball; Sam issues a warning.

3/15, Scott sees Laura looking at a picture of Luke; Sam offers John support; Scott and Lucy reunite.

Hot Sheet

Week of March 11th

This week on General Hospital, love continues to weave its tangled web! For some, love proves to be a brutal battlefield, while others still can't figure out what side they’re fighting on. Let's take a closer look at who we will -- and won't -- be rooting for.

To Carly's surprise, Todd returns determined to win her back. Conflicted, she goes to desperate measures to figure out what she wants -- even if it means putting other hearts on the line. And look out for Todd's antics: he responds poorly to "no" and has no issue involving Josslyn to get his way.

Now that Kate's back, Molly will finally get rightful credit for her book... right? Well, we're going to find out what's really planned for the budding book author. Plus, you can get your hands on the actual book when Love in Maine hits stores this week!

Meanwhile, Rafe searches for answers about his living situation and ends up at a very surprising location. Things get complicated but, by the end of the day, we think you'll be very happy with what unfolds.

All that plus, Luke, Laura and Lulu come together as a family again when they revel in the joy from Lulu's sonogram. The reunion might be short-lived, though, because Scott is gearing up to go full-steam ahead with plans that will affect the happy family. That, and Lulu gets another mysterious package that is sure to be a game changer.

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