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Feb 27 2013, 03:07 PM
well, no reason for me to watch, it just gets worser and more boring. zzzzz.
i'm with you. while i'm glad that Stefano is finally going to be back in Salem & not just seen on the phone with Kristen, there's nothing that's really all that exciting going on. the whole Jen/Dan/Chloe thing is just stupid because it's just angst for Dannifer. That pairing has officially reached the "we don't really know what story to give them, but we need to somehow have them not be all perfectly happy, so let's just make some stupid shit up" stage. Will/Gabi/Nick is just going around in random circles because Gabi's still months away from giving birth.
i'm surprised there's no mention of EJ/Sami or Kristen/Brady in these spoilers, but i'm sure that they'll be mentioned when the daily spoilers appear, and for sure when the long detailed essay-style spoiler appears.
As good as the daily dialogue may be, and as enjoyable as the interactions between certain characters may be, if the stories don't progress anywhere, people are going to stop watching. Anyone who hasn't watched the show in 2-3 weeks really hasn't missed a thing - Kristen still wants Brady, Nick still wants Will away from the baby, Gabi's still pregnant, Will still wants at least partial custody, Sami's still sticking her nose in the baby situation, EJ & Sami are still sleeping together, Rafe & Kate are still together, Nicole's still having fantasies about Eric, Abby's still a virgin, Chloe is still trying to get Dan for herself, John is still out of town, and Hope is still appearing at random times to listen to people's problems and give advice. Did I miss anything significant?
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