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For Days:

*I don't think Peggy McCay will make the cut for Lead Actress. If she does, the nomination will be the reward. But she does have a history of getting nominated (twice in the 80s for Daytime, a handful of times in the 90s for Primetime including one win). So I wouldn't be surprised to see her squeak in, but I think every one knows it's Susan Flannery's award.

*No nomination for Lead Actor makes sense. There was no one, powerful lead actor performance.

*For Supporting Actress, Ari Zucker *needs* to make the final cut. Her performances in the fall were stunning, even if the story left a bad taste in my mouth at times. Not sure what scenes she will submit for the next round, but she has a lot to choose from.

*For Supporting Actor, I don't think Shawn Christian will make the cut. His style just doesn't say "Emmy" to me. Bryan Datillo might, depending on what reel he picks. The fact that he's been a supporting player in such an important, industry-noted story (Will's Coming Out) might give him that chance. James Reynold is a shoo-in for a nomination if he chooses the right tape (the episode *after* Lexie dies in his arms when Bo and Hope visit; the tears in his eyes as he spoke to Bo in his backyard said so much; if anyone at Days is reading this *that* is what he needs to submit); Greg Vaughn doesn't really deserve a nomination given his short time on the show, but he does have one really good tape where he described his experiences in Africa. That, plus his GH crossover appeal might result in a nomination. But if I had to choose one, James Reynolds would be my favorite. After 30 years, he deserves another nomination and his first win. And it might prompt the writers to give Abe more screentime.

*For Younger Actor, I don't see Freddie Smith getting in. He's so charming, but didn't have any seriously meaty material. Casey and Chandler both did, especially Chandler. Casey could get a nod for his break-up with Melanie. But Chandler will repeat. He's the best younger actor in daytime right now, and 2012 was his year.

*For Younger Actress, I see Kate Mansi getting through to the next round. She played psycho so well in the first half of the year with Carrie and Austin. That material was even better than the stuff surrounding Jack's death, IMO. As for Camila, she has certainly improved as an actress now that she's been given actual material, but I don't know if she's at the nomination level quite yet. Next year might be better for her once this baby story plays out.
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