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Today wasn't as awesome as yesterday, but I blame that on Dannifer/Chloe -_- . Plain and simple, that s/l is lame. IDK if even Shonda Rhimes could save it. Nevertheless, it was a fun episode.

Ericole subtext at it's best! :wub:

Rafe and Kate eye fucking each other and Nicole catching it. :laugh: (side note: the side eyes and shade on this show are MADE of win. :laugh: )

More Abe!!! :cart:

Kristen/Brady were the highlight of the episode for me. Throughout her explanation of her past, I wasn't sure if she was telling the truth or not... and I could tell Brady thought the same thing. She showed such a vulnerable side to her, so much so that I thought it too good and an act. I was surprised to learned that all of it was the truth. :wow: That's good writing. :thumbup:

I couldn't help but :laugh: over Marlena's reaction when Brady told her he was moving into the DiMansion. It's been a rough couple of Days for Doc.
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